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How to define a certain type of website?

Asked by iLoveDesign (22points) November 28th, 2011

I am taking an e-commerce class and I am writing a paper on websites that are providing a service rather than selling a product. An example of a site like this would be,, and Sites where clients input information then are provided guidance or a product as a result of their provided information. Can someone please provide the technical name of these sites to me as well some possible web developers that specialize in setting up these sites?

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Hye, welcome to Fluther. As a Web developer, I thought this was a great question and three great links.

Those are all really eCommerce sites that have just come up with a professionalization gimmick as a strong call to action. Nice use of database technology to match customer and product, I must say.

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@ETpro Thanks for the welcome and a wonderful answer!

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