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How do you determine if something is keeping up with the rate of inflation?

Asked by awaytoolong (36points) June 25th, 2007

What does it mean to keep up with the rate of inflation? For example, has the Peace Corps readjustment allowance (the amount of money returned volunteers receive to restart life in the United States) kept up with the rate of inflation? Here are the specific numbers:

(per month of service)
$75 1961 - 3/31/1976
$125 4/1/1976 - 1/31/1982
$175 2/1/1982 - 12/31/1987
$200 1/1/1988 - 12/31/98
$225 1/1/99 - present

As most volunteers serve about two years, this means they received $1,800 to readjust in 1961 and now receive about $5,400.

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