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What is the best method to neutralize the smell of poop in a shared, unisex bathroom at the office?

Asked by echotech10 (916points) November 28th, 2011

I work in a small office, and share a unisex bathroom with the rest of my co-workers. I also suffer from IBS, which means I poop frequently during the work day (usually 2–3 times during the workday, pardon the TMI.). I am wondering what the best thing to do, to neutralize the odor, after I poop, but before I leave the restroom? Please help me.

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Lysol Air Neutralizer is the best out there. A little dab’l do ya.

It really does work. In the spray can.

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Light a match and let it burn out.

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options in no specific order:
1) Some Air spray Neutralizer as @john65pennington stated.
2) Don’t shit where you work.
3) Courtesy Flushes.

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Havent tried this, but it may work! I’ve been tempted to order it! My friend bought it for another friend and recommended it.

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Burn a candle. Of course, for people like me, that can be a problem, since the smell of burntout candles gives me a headache. I’d rather deal with the smell of human gaseous emissions. And that’s the other thing you can do: nothing. Are people complaining? If they are, talk to them about what they want done. Don’t assume there is anything you need to do unless there is a problem. And if you do have a problem, get input on what to do about it, because many solutions can be worse than the problem.

Of course, if things really do get that bad, a little C-4 should do the trick. I hear it’s pretty cool to see a toilet full of shit blow up!

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@wundayatta candles would work, but most places of business will not allow you to have them lit for fire risk reasons.

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Flush as soon as it hits, every time.

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Buy the air freshener brand “Citrus Magic” covers every odor. And by that I mean it covers it, not it mixes with it and then you smell grapefruit + feces. That is gross. But this stuff is good. I have 2 guy roommates right now and it is the only way I can deal with it.

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Essential oil. A few drops in the toilet bowl (and if you want around the restroom). Much more friendly than a spray.

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Does the bathroom have a window? Open the window before you sit down. Flush quickly and often.

My husband is into marination. He sits on the toilet for 20 minutes or so and lets the smell fill the room with him in it. I can’t stand it. Thankfully, both our toilets have windows.

There are all sorts of ways to cover the smell, but I think that just adds to the problem.

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@wundayatta Fortunately, no one has complained, just a little self-concious, I guess but I try to be very private when I poop. The bathroom noises, I cannot stop, other than a courtesy flush, but timing is always off.

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2nd Answer….

You could also leave a gas mask on the outside bathroom door with a warning sign attached.

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@echotech10 I feel your pain. I recall working in a small startup company where they had only unisex bathrooms. The one closest to my office had it’s door 6 feet from someone else’s office door. It was worse that an airplane bathroom for all the reasons of privacy.I hated it.
I actually ended up planning around not using any of them and would only use the most isolated one (maybe 20 feet from an office) in time of dire need.

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Funny that it being a unisex bathroom makes a difference. I don’t like anyone smelling my bathroom smells – man or woman.

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Those little room sprays from Bath and Body Works just kill odors dead in an instant. I have one in each of my bathrooms at home. It works after my son comes out of there, so it’s tried and true. The cucumber melon is nice. It’s even small enough to take in your pocket.

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I also agree with @Skaggfacemutt bath and body works is my favorite place, although could cause issues with the ppl sensitive to perfume..although I’m not sensitive to any of their products and even if I was I would endure it. The holiday ones are awesome the little bottles last for a long time and are worth it. Xmas and fall smells = yummy.

Leaves and pumpkin and twisted peppermint are my ultimate favorite!!

The best part is that they DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS!!

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I don’t understand the courtesy flush thing. It doesn’t seem courteous at all to me. I don’t like the sound and I don’t like the spraying of fecal material that happens every time you flush.

I also don’t understand the smell thing. I breathe through my mouth when I don’t want to smell something. Can I be the only one who uses this technique? I don’t hear anyone mentioning it, but it seems so obvious. Anyway, smells are pretty normal when it comes to eliminating our wastes. I think we have this leftover connotation of doing something embarrassing that is inculcated when we are kids. In addition there is the notion of dirtiness for health reasons. And having said that flushing throws all kinds of fecal material in the air, I would also like to point out that we almost never get sick because of it. FWIW.

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@wundayatta the reason you smell things is that there are small particles in the air of it…. if you breath through your mouth in a bad smelling bathroom…. well… um… ick.

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@cazzie Oh God! Yuck (gag!!) What a horrible thought.

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@wundayatta I do that, too; it’s like I can close off the back of my nasal passages.
@cazzie I am aware of that, but breathing is breathing, and the microscopic particles are being inhaled either way. That’s what the immune system is for.

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Actually, your nasal passage is better equip for dealing with airborne particles, but that’s just me, I guess.

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@cazzie is totally right. blech.

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I’m not sure how many particles are floating around if you do a courtesy flush and your ass is covering the glory hole lol.

I understand the whole thing. For some reason I myself have never been able to do #2 in a public bathroom. I will go out of my way if I can to get home and go. A friend of mine and I both turn the water on while in #2 elimination mode lol.

For me it has nothing more to do than being made fun of. You know, as a child you go and a family member typically a sibling has to open their big mouth and tease you about how bad you smell…like you can help that, which gives you a major complex.

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@blueiiznh I think u have the right idea, however…dire need is the norm for me, not the exception as far as @Meego as a sufferer of IBS, going #2 in a public bathroom is a common occurrence for me, and as we all know Everyone goes #2 at some point in their day, and the truth is, while I do not like going #2 in a public or office restroom, I am left with little choice, the comforting thing is, that a couple of my co-workers know about the IBS, because of the frequency of which I poop during the work day, assumed by the amount of time I spend in the restroom when I poop vs. when I pee, and being asked if “I was ok” upon returning…BTW you all have been giving great answers and keep the suggestions coming :)

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The reason poop smells is that methane gas is produced when you’re food is broken down. There are no poop particles in the air. it’s a natural thing. Get over it .

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Apparently, my prayers have been answered. It is called “Poo-Pourri”. You just spray it in the toilet before you go. I keep a small bottle of it in my desk drawer along with wipes. I fret no more :) Now, I can go #2, and no one is the wiser after I exit This stuff is a life saver and smells great too.

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A light spritz from a can of olive oil spray over the surface of the contents of the bowl works like magic!

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