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What are the main differences between the iTouch and iPad?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) November 28th, 2011

What can the iTouch do that the iPad can’t and vice versa?

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I don’t think there is anything the iPod Touch can do that the iPad can’t. But the iPad as a tablet is a solid little device that can change the way you surf the Internet, matter of fact you don’t even surf you interact. With so many apps available once you’re done customizing downloading everything you need you’ll see how fluid the experience on the iPad is.

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The screen size definitely. After my eyes got used to looking at my iPad, I find myself squinting looking at my iPod Touch.

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I believe the current iPad is really, essentially, just a big iPod Touch with a camera, though the iPod Touch doesn’t have an 3G option like the iPad, that’s one major difference, and I think there may be some apps that are available for one and not the other. I have an first generation iPad and it really is just a big iPod Touch. :-)

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1) Screen size
2) 3G availability (the iPod Touch is wifi-only; the iPad has optional 3G)
3) Price
4) “a” is not “o”; they are spelled differently

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@jerv I wonder if Apple list 4) as a feature.

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@Lightlyseared The ipod has a camera too, two in fact.

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@XOIIO I think you meant @lillycoyote. Damn auto-complete!

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@jerv Nah, just assumed it was the right one. Fluther needs telepathic ability.

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In this case, size matters.

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I think I am the one that mentioned that there was no a cameral on the Touch. I didn’t realize the iPod Touch had camera(s) now. Sorry about the misinformation. I guess my Touch is pretty ancient. I was answering based on the one I have and it doesn’t have a camera.

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@lillycoyote It’s a year old, so I guess it is ancient. Don’t feel too bad; I almost made the same mistake because I was thinking third-gen instead of fourth-gen.

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iPad has a larger screen, which means it’s better for things like reading books, watching movies, or surfing the web.

itouch is much smaller (about ¼ of iPad’s size) meaning it’s much more portable, suitable for playing audio books or songs and playing simple games and video recording. It can also serve as a personal organizer/agenda device, mainly due to its portability.

Note that the iPad has a lot of other features like a superior processor and gfx card, meaning that alot of games will work on iPad but not on itouch. You should also expect better performance in viewing books and web browsing on the iPad.

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