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I was told that its officially been proven that aliens actually exist... Is it true?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) May 15th, 2008 from iPhone
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well yes I’m sure there are other life forms out there there about 3galixies that are known of and if there are aliens out there there smart enought to stay away from us.

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well I figure that but has there been anything lately in the news?

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nope not in a while

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I don’t think there is anyway you would miss this type of news if it had indeed been proven. Unless, of course you live in a cave, then maybe. I haven’t even read a recent headline to the effect, but then I really haven’t left bed much today.

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No, there is not any “proof.” It is conjecture that there is other intelligent life in the universe.

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Whoever told you that might have been referring to the Drake Equation which attempts to calculate the probability of the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life. Plug in the right assumptions, and it becomes a statistical certainty, but I wouldn’t call it proof.

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I can confirm it. I’ve seen them working at my father-in-law’s farm.

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There is evidence for microbial life in a few meteorites, but it is flimsy at best.

There is no evidence for intelligent extra-terrestrial life. It is incredibly likely, however.

It is nearly impossible that we will encounter them. The physics of interstellar travel nearly rules it out.

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There are an estimated known 10^11 *galaxies, and and more will be found as our equipment gets more sophisticated and sensitive. And 288 extra-solar planets or planet-like objects, none of which can sustain life as we know it. However, who knows whether there are methane-breathing creatures or silicon life-forms?

Read the reputable sites; Nasa, Hubble, Cal Tech, MIT, etc.

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This question has been asked 10^11 times before. Type in aliens, UFOS, in box on right of menu bar.

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Actually, Gail, there are exoplanets that could, in theory, sustain life. There is a planet around Gliese 581 that orbits within the habitable zone and likely has liquid water. We won’t know if there is water vapor in the atmosphere until we get new telescopes in space, though.

Several other exoplanets also have water vapor in their atmosphere as well, which means that water isn’t particularly rare.

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Gail, Your suggestion about methane is not that far fetched. Right here on our very own planet we have bacteria that can live on methane, carbon monoxide, or hydrogen gas plus carbon dioxide as their sole source of energy.

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@Sound: I will do some more reading and research when I can concentrate. Is Gliese 581 a star similar to our sun? ( Right now, I am too busy trying to stuff pills down a clenched-mouth cat.)

@Shilolo; But would my mother like me to marry one?

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Technically, you already have married a methane-breathing creature

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No, Gliese 581 is a red dwarf, which means that the habitable zone is much closer. I think the planet (either B or C, I don’t remember) would be somewhere between Venus and Mercury in our system, but because it’s a red dwarf the temperature is more like between us and Mars.

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@Sound. Thanks for the research tip. It seems that G d is the most apt to travel in and out of an habitable zone (altho I sure wouldn’t like to inhabit it). It whips around the star in 80+ days. And don’t forget to pack your long-johns and face mask.

As you say, the new instruments will be seeing more and more interesting objects but probably not vacation paradises….yet.

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@shi; Very funny. I married two of them. Husband#1 thought it was “cute” to blow me out of bed in the morning.

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I’m living proof!

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Gail, Although the humor in the link is self-evident, I’m afraid I was misunderstood. What I meant by the link is that we all breath out small amounts of methane. Not as much as comes out the other end, but enough to be detectable…

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