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What is your favorite "bargain price" clothing store?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23160points) November 29th, 2011

I love shopping at Ross, they always have great deals. I just got a gorgeous Kenneth Cole wool trench, a pair of Levi’s and two beautiful sweaters for less than $100. If you’ve got a local Ross, GO NOW! lol

Where is your favorite place to get awesome bargains?

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Ross is my favorite as well.

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Charity shops! (Thrift stores, right?) I once had a fabulous day where I spent about £100, and got 12 different big label garments, including a really pretty top by Ted Baker…

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Nordstrom’s Rack ;-)

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@harple Oooh! I’ve gone to a thrift shop as well, and got some really funky vintage items! Those places can be fun!

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There’s a great little “consignment and gently used” clothing store just across the river from me. It’s pretty well filled with women when I go, but not so many men. But their selection of men’s clothing is nearly half as big as the women’s section, and I can browse until I force myself to stop. I get great stuff, usually still with the store labels attached, for about ¼ to ⅓ what I’d pay at retail in those stores.

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I really prefer thrift shops now. I used to like Ross when I lived in Texas but they don’t have one here. I also used to love Value City but they went bankrupt in 2008 I think. But I love thrift stores and resale stores. The hunt itself is always fun and I find great vintage stuff, designer stuff, wonderful things and I don’t think I’m even capable of paying retail for a brand new pair of blue jeans anymore. I get my jeans at Goodwill for $5 a pair and they are pre-worn in. I hate breaking in a new pair of jeans. I don’t really like buying shoes and certain other things at thrift stores, though I did find a fabulous pair of bright green, steel-toed, knee high hazmat boots that I really like, a few years ago. They are great in the mud and if I ever have to trudge through toxic sludge, I’m prepared. I can sometimes find nice shoes and purses at TJMaxx or Marshall’s but the Marshalls we have here have never impressed me very much in their selection of clothes. We also have a chain of department stores in the area called Boscov’s They aren’t exactly discount stores like Ross or TJMaxx, I’m not sure what they are, but they have some great prices and discounts and I have good like getting shoes at a good price there.

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Do thrift shops count? I love Goodwill. It’s my favourite store. I get almost all of my clothing there. Out of the Closet is nice too, but I’ve only been there once so far.

As for other stores, I do like Ross, TJ Maxx, and sometimes Marshalls. Nordstrom Rack has some nice things sometimes too.

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I like GoodWill. One particular store sorts everything by size. It make shopping very easy.

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We don’t have a Goodwill nearby, but we do have a Helping Hands, which is basically the same. I’ve purchased a few pairs of jeans from them before, and a really pretty coffee table. =0)

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Burlington coat factory.

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That would have to be Goodwill. Besides, while there, there may be a nice sofa that interests me.

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TJMaxx, and Gabriel Brothers. I got 3 name-brand boots, all $30—$40 each! My total was the price of one pair at an outlet or online, for 3 boots! I recommend Gabriel Brothers, or Ross. Ross is nice. But the biggie, i’m gonna say again, Gabriel Brothers. Man! I love that store.

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@blueberry_kid I checked out the Gabriel Brothers web site and used their zip code store locater and it showed/listed a “Rugged Wearhouse” not too far from me. Do you know if that’s the same thing? Maybe just different stores owned by the same company? Other than that, the nearest actual Gabriel Brothers store is 50 miles. I’d love to check them out but that is way too far to go, I think.

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I’m pretty sure. It sounds very familiar. Like, I think I know of it. But, in Ohio, it’s Gabriel Brothers. Otherwise, just take the trip! It’ll be wirth it. I promise.

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@blueberry_kid Well, you really seem to like the store. :-) I had to check them out. I love a bargain. I have family, an aunt, I visit regularly, who lives in Cleveland Heights, OH. I will have to see if there are any Gabriel Brothers stores near there or any right off the PA or OH turnpikes. I’m going out there for Christmas so I will check their store locator out and plan accordingly. There’s a nice Cabela’s on the way that I stop at sometimes, so maybe I can add Gabriel Brothers to the itinerary.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I went to Ross last night and got a $95 Jones New York holiday sweater for $21.

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@marinelife Yep, I just adore Ross!!!!

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Ebay. Not a store but they often have good bargains.

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