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Do you have any interesting stories about the power going out?

Asked by Mariah (25883points) November 29th, 2011

Mom and I went to the mall today. We split up so she could do some Christmas shopping. I went to the electronics section of Target, way in the back of the store, to play the new Zelda on their demo Wii. 10 minutes in, the power went out! I was nowhere near any windows so I couldn’t see a thing. It was scary because it was pretty crowded there and I worried people would freak out and trample me. Fortunately everyone must have had the same thought because we all held still until some auxillary lights came on, haha.

Have any interesting stories about having the power go out?

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Ice storm knocked out power to three states just before I moved to Seattle. I spent my last week in NH in the middle of the woods with no heat or water. That was an interesting week.

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I used to live about three miles out on the end of a peninsula right on the water. We once had a power outage for three days. The roads were not plowed so there was no way to leave. It really got old! We did have a wood stove so we could heat food and water and had a little bit of heat.

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Similar to @marinelife ‘s story.

2 winters ago in Dec. we had a major snow that knocked out power for 3 days. It was freeezing! I have propane heat with an electric starter, so, no heat.

Put about 8 blankets on my bed and stuffed the cat under the covers. lol

Melted snow on the stove for coffee, ate a lot of crackers and cheese. haha.

I was stuck down my driveway and couldn’t get out for the first 2 days.

Fun for a day, not 3.

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Oh God, yes, and I swear to God it is true.

There was a girl in my highschool freshman class who was notorious for putting things… up there. Well one day, the power went off at school in homeroom and she stands up and shrieks and I shit you not, a glow in the dark dildo popped out of her and landed on the floor still glowing. Everyone saw it and just stared in horror as she picked it up and ran to the bathroom. True story.

I recently found out that she is a huge Christian now and has since given up her vagina-stuffing ways, as well as her burgeoning music career. Aside from absorbing all kinds of things vaginally, she was known to sing loudly in the halls nearly every day.

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Oh yes. In the past year, we’ve had 2 major outages. It got quite old after awhile.
A tip to anyone expecting a storm: buy ice cream the day before. Make sure it’s your favorite brand and flavor. When the lights go out, you won’t have a freezer to keep the ice cream frozen. Grab a spoon and enjoy. Don’t even get a bowl, just dig in, before it melts.

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We lost power in work on Friday because of bad weather, though it wasn’t particularly intersting. We sat around talking in the dark; no lights, no computers, no phones. It came back on after a couple of hours and honestly, I was relieved. I hate sitting around doing nothing.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Holy fuck. O_O

I got no real stories. Or nothing as interesting as what is here, but…so the power went out this Summer, on a Sunday evening, around nine. It was out for a good two hours. Usually, when it goes out, it’s back in not even five. But not this time. So my roomie and I went out on the balcony, and met up with the upstairs neighbors, about our age. You know, how people always go see the neighbor when something like this happens lol. I was pretty good friends with them though. We investigated the matter, and of course, the only conclusion was, wait. Said goodnight to the neighbors, and went back inside. Roomie and I just sat around the kitchen by candlelight, talking…then she went in her room, and I went outside. Neighbors were still on their balcony, and offered me a beer. So I went, and we just sat around talking.
We were all busy before this happened…either on the computer, playing games, doing something that most likely requires electricity, which isn’t hard to need on an evening. After a while we’re all like, man what the fuck did people DO back when there was no electricity?? I guess that’s why families were really big haha. >_>

Just a bit of a reflection…it’s pretty cool how being cut off like that like, I denno…makes you talk to people lol. Sad, but true lol. Well, for me anyways.

Likewise, it was awesome when I was little and the power went out. I used to love it so much lol. I was disappointed when it didn’t last long. Now it’s just freakin’ annoying. XD

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I tried to charge a PSP by plugging it into an onion. It did not work!
Fucking electricity, how does it work.
@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard wins this thread! FLAWLESS VICTORY.

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I’m picturing Raiden fucking an onion now. Thanks.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Of course you know that person.

Nothing too interesting comes to mind, but I was in the thick of my recent stomach parasite when we lost power due to Hurricane Irene. Nature called quite frequently at that time, so I became very much acquainted with the woods around our house…

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@sliceswiththings eh, I wouldn’t say I know her. She was kind of a bitch to me in middle and high school. We were acquaintances, at best.

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During an ice storm in Memphis, thus a city-wide power outage, a caller inquiring about an available room at our hotel accused me of discrimination. When she initially inquired, I told her that we wouldn’t know if we had availabilty or not until we sorted out the room situation. At that point, we had many guests who hadn’t checked out due to cancelled flights and others that had guaranteed reservations for that evening that might not show up due to weather conditions

Her response was, “Well, that is just discrimination.” “Pardon me?” was my response. “This is geographical discrimination. Those that live closer to the hotel will get a room before I have a chance.” Hmm, okay.

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I used to love it when the lights went out and I got to take a bath by candle light. Picture a bath tub with claw feet, candle lit, with bubble bath. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Why it never occurred to me that I could just turn out the lights and have the same pleasure, I don’t know.

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