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Any suggestions on drink orders for someone that just turned 21?

Asked by nromstadt (626points) November 29th, 2011

I’m finally old enough to go out to the bars, and not get left behind! (Hooray!) Unfortunately, I’ve found that I know very little about ordering drinks, as my undergrad days have left me drinking whatever is available at the time.. but now there are so many options, I don’t know where to start.

So, what do you suggest? Any favorite drinks? (I’m female, if that influences your suggestions at all)

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Whiskey! When I turned 21 I went around irish car-bombing it, in between shots of bourbon. I’d also say a white russian but there isn’t enough whiskey in it. That’s why I invented a new drink called the off-white belarusian

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A well made mojito goes down nicely

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There’s nothing like straight shots of vodka. But if you’re looking for something easier to swallow, try a nice strawberry margarita or peach daiquiri.

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Please, have a designated driver who takes their job seriously. To toast your birthday, I’ll order you a Pomegranate Poinsettia. To your health! Happy Birthday!:

1 oz PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur
1 oz orange-flavored liqueur
1 oz orange juice
3 oz Champagne
Mix the first three ingredients in a tumbler with ice.
Slowly add the Champagne, stirring gently.
Strain into a Champagne flute.

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Additionally, when I turned 21, I made sure to have at least one Death in the Afternoon.

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Colorado bulldog.

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Ask for “liquid marijuana.”

Trust me.

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@everephebe us Irish do not prefer the term, “Irish Car Bomb” for any drink that we would ever have. Just sayin. Car Bomb is fine and the bartender will still know what you mean.

Stay away from all energy drinks with booze. They taste like shit and are terrible for you.
There are plenty of great “I just turned 21” drinks that you can find at any bar.

1. A Bloody Mary.
2. Watermelon Margarita.
3. Manhattan.
4. Grasshopper.
5. School bus sometimes called a Lunchbox.
6. Daiquiri.
7. Shots of PBnJ (equal parts Frangelico and Chambord with a few drops of Cranberry extract or even juice.)
8. Mojito with fresh blueberries or Strawberries.

I have been bartending for years and the best advice I can give you for your 21st birthday is to know what you want when you get to the bar and tip well. A dollar at least for every drink, including beer and if the bartender makes you a birthday shot, throw him or her a five dollar bill.

If you make it to a craft bartending spot then you should order one of the following…

1. Blueberry Capiroska.
2. French 75.
3. Gin Gimlet.
4. Old Fashioned.
5. Moscow Mule with a Vanilla Bean in a copper cup.
6. Strawberry Mint Julep.
7. Beet Martini or Red Hearts.
8. Pink Lady.
9. A nice glass of Anjeo Tequila with a few cinnamon covered Orange slices.
Have fun & happy birthday…

P.S. Liquor is not genderized. Men drink just as many Cosmo’s as women. Infact, back in the day the Rat Pack drank Cosmo’s.

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@judochop It might be a shite name for a drink but that’s what I know it as. I don’t drink at bars anymore, so bartenders ain’t gonna be hearing me say jack – least of all – Daniels. I happen to be in the middle of reading Dubliners, just want to put that out there… You know, for posterity.

IRA troubles notwithstanding, the ingredients are FUCKING Irish. I know that the cocktail is not Irish in origin, thus it’s nomenclature is not partially sensitive in nature. The car bomb is the offensive part of the name. If anything should be removed it’s that part don’t ya think? Get your undergarments out of a tangle, I’m meant and mean no offense, but P.C. be damned that is what the fucking drink is usually called!

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Don’t order a tidal wave unless it is above 80*F outside.

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Gin and tonic. Classic and tasty.

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We were eating out Sunday at a place know for their Buffalo food. The televisions were tuned to NFL games and everytime the Bills scored they brought out cherries and gave to the patrons. The cherries had soaked over night in cinnamon schnapps and vodka. I usually don’t like cherries but I could have eaten a bowl of those amazing little babies.

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@nromstadt Happy birthday! Rather than just spewing out a list of what I like, I think it makes sense to focus on what you already like. What are your current favorite non-alcoholic beverages? Do you like really spicy food, things with strong, rponounced taste, or a relatively bland diet?

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@ETpro Thank you! And I’m more of a mild food person. As far as non-alcoholic beverages are concerned, I like pretty much anything fruity, sweet and/or carbonated and bubbly.

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@nromstadt You’d probably find the rum drinks enjoyable then. Try a daiquiri and a rum-coke. If you Google daiquiri you will find tons of variants like the banana daiquiri and the blueberry daiquiri. You’ll probably also like the fruity tequila drinks such as the margarita. And if you like colas and are hankering to get really smashed, try a Long Island Iced Tea. It doesn’t taste like it’s got much alcohol in it, but it is pure hooch. It’s just a uniwque blend that goes down real smooth at 90 proof.

Try sampling beers, as well. There is evcerything from the nearly tasteless Coors to Guinness Stout and a ton of other micro-brewery lagers and ales that are rich and savory. You can also sample the more fruity varietal wines like Gew├╝rztraminer. Plum wine is almost cloyingly sweet. But if you research and test fruity wines, you can find your perfect sweet spot between it and the more wine-tasting varieties.

Always drink responsibly, and Cheers!

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@everephebe I was not jumping your ass, calm yourself. However though, try and order a fucking Irish Car Bomb in Ireland, probably not going to go over to well. Also, try and order it at the bar that I work at, in the USA. Still not going to go over well. All I am saying, in this day and age of softly understanding some of what has been said or stapled in the past is wrong. Frankly I do not care what you order or how you say it but….Oh, you are reading your book so I am sure you are familiar with “The Troubles…”

Anyway, I am not here to argue it however “Carbomb” was the original name for the recipe which I believe hails from the late 70’s even maybe early 80’s, you can check if you like. It was traditionally drank to start off the night with a toast.

Enjoy your book.

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@judochop Ha. Calm myself, that makes me giggle. Hey, in Ireland there are better fucking things to drink then Irish Car Bombs right? I’m being rhetorical here, of course there are. Plus I mean it’s not well known drink over there as I understand it. I usually nurse a pint on it’s own if I go to a decent pub. And I pretty much only drink my whiskey neat. So… there is no real likelihood of me ordering a Irish Car Bomb in the States, let alone Ireland. I was merely recounting what I did on my 21st. You know, young and stupid. And it’s not likely I’d find myself in the P.C. as shit bar you work in, so no worries there. :p I understand the name of the fucking drink is stupid but without a true alternate name (that I am aware of), I honestly could give a shit. I didn’t come up with the damn name mmmkK? I find the name to be repulsive and typically american, but I don’t sit around in bars passing judgement on the dumb names of drinks out there, all day long.

The book I was referencing was Joyce, and I was being um, facetious. As if reading one damn book would save me from the impropriety of being culturally insensitive. I’m not ignorant of the issues behind said poorly chosen drink name. Trying to tell you that you don’t need to lecture me on the fact that it is a shite name. I already was aware of the fact. Cheers.

I wasn’t alive or of drinking age in the late 70’s and early 80’s sorry if there was a more culturally appropriate name out there, I am not aware of it at all. LOOK I made an offhand remark about what I drank when I turned 21, and you saw fit to bring these things up. If we are going to have a pissing contest over a silly drink, with a stupid name, let’s get pissed first. Drinks are on you, for being a well-meaning ass. :p Cheers. :D

James Joyce is not a bad writer, we can agree on this certainly.

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@everephebe I guess I’ll get the first few rounds. At least I know I have Irish blood thickening up the booze before it thickens my head anymore than it already is. Later on, after a few….We can have a real pissing contest.
And yes sir, James Joyce is not a bad writer.
sidenote I was born in 75. I am just a huge liquor nerd and craft bartender.

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@judochop You’re a good sport for damn sure. Next few rounds are on me! :D Props to the nerdiness and your craft good sir, I’m sure you are beloved of your patrons and/or denizens. :D

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