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What to get a 13 year old for her birthday?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2419points) November 29th, 2011

My sister is turning 13 next week and I’m away at college. I want to buy her something cute and cheap and have it shipped home just to give her a little something. I’m broke (obviously) and I only want to buy her something non-generic (of course she’d love an i tunes gift card or a video game but anyone could get her that) I don’t want it to be a corny coming of age book but I know she’s too old for something like a buildabear now which would have been perfect a few years ago.

If it’s possible even something to signify becoming a “teen”. I feel old just trying to figure out what to get her :(

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If she likes to read, Amazon will ship books as gifts.

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Get her a nice spa set. With bath wash, loofahs, nice perfume, and all that jazz.

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Maybe go to sephora and get her some makeup you know she would like.
A nice leather journal book.
A locket with yours and her picture.

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Good fashionable clothing that is her age-appropriate and NOT sexualized as some designers would have it.

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Good for you for thinking about your kid sister while you away at college. Without knowing anything about her, my guess is that no matter what you send, it will be appreciated.

What about something with your college logo on it? I recall being her age and adoring the sweatshirt by brother gave me from his school. Otherwise, what is she interested in? Additional information may help us pinpoint the perfect gift for her.

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I agree with @raven860. Something fashionable that she can show off to her friends would be something she would love. Clothes, shoes, accessories, maybe a purse or handbag?

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Aw, I love this question. Is she allowed to wear make-up? In the department stores Lancome or MAC should have lip gloss sets. They usually run $20—$25, and it is “grown up” make-up. Judi’s suggestion of Sephora is good too. I suggested a set of lipglosses because you won’t need to know exactly what she likes.

A t-shirt from your college. I think she will like wearing a shirt from her big brothers school.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I don’t know if my parents would be happy if I sent her makeup but maybe something like lip gloss would work. @Hawaii_Jake – any books you’d recommend? We both like to read (and although I’m in grad school my favorite books are young adult books) maybe something we could “read” together???

@Judi – I was thinking a nice journal because I remember writing EVERYTHING in mine when I was that age. I would send her a picture of us but my mom would probably keep it :P

I was thinking clothes but she has SO many and I’m pretty sure she does have clothes from my school already because I’ve been here 5 years.

@JLeslie, I’m a girl lol

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I like the idea of something from your college, too. For books, do you know if she’s read The Hunger Games trilogy? They are fantastic books, and enjoyable for both adults and YA.

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Here is a book (or books) recommendation. The Tripods Trilogy by John Christopher was a favorite of mine at her age. It’s three young adult books telling a futuristic tale of life after aliens have taken over. They are not only easy-reading, but riveting. Disney is supposedly coming out with a movie based upon the series next year. Once you’ve both read the books, you could go see the movie together.

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My daughters loved The Mists of Avalon at that age. Also Pride and Prejudice.

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@augustlan – I saw the preview for the movie and I’m not sure if I’d like that.
@Pied_Pfeffer – I don’t think aliens is exactly my style either.
@judi – that’s a little more up my alley but maybe not magic.

I guess what I’d be looking for would be a young adult novel that we could both enjoy with a theme of growing up/maybe family-ish? I would want something like My Sister’s Keeper but something that hasn’t been made into a movie (what hasn’t?). I know I’m probably sounding picky but there’s millions of books out there, I’ve gotta find something that works. If it helps I used to LOVE reading books by Carol Plum-Ucci when I was a freshman (14ish) in high school.

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@sevenfourteen Oops. I still think she will like something from your college.

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If you decide on a book, I would recommend the one I’m reading right now, Ali Shaw’s first book, The Girl With The Glass Feet. After reading the NYT review I hope you find it agreeable.

However, when it comes to something cute and cheap. Does she play games like Angry Birds? Because you could probably get a cute t-shirt with the characters and logo of that particular game that she likes.

Also, how about a pretty wallet?

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@Pied_Pfeffer The tripod trilogy is fantastic! I never would have found it when I was younger but someone bought it as a gift. I second that. Especially if she likes sci-fi.

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What about the Madaline E’Lengle triogy, starting with Meet the Austins:? They are well-written books for a teen, dealing with life’s uncomfortable situations, like love, death, and discovering one’s own talents.

@asmonet Thank you for posting that you enjoyed the Tripod Trilogy books as well. While set in a sci-fi background, I found the series more about child development, thus growing up and finding one’s own niche in life.

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Is there a book you enjoyed in under graduate classes? I shared books from my humanities classes with my kids at that age and not only did they live them, but Yheir teachers were impressed.
Before college my kids had read Orwell’s Animal Farm, Brave New World, the Illiad and the Oddesy, and even the Complete Works of Shakespeare. One daughter ended up being an English teacher.

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I didn’t read many books in undergrad to be honest. I am in a health science profession and my electives were government and law classes etc. I’m thinking I’m going to ask a new question because my roommate suggested a book that is in the process of being made into a movie so that we could go see it together.

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My daughter is 12½ and she loved The Hunger Games trilogy. I did too!

She’s also just started the Maze Runner trilogy and said she can’t put it down.

And, she’s pretty much obsessed with books written by Tamora Pierce. There are many, many series of books by this author and my kid seems to love them all. Some she’s read about ten times. I haven’t read any of them, but they all seem to focus on strong young girls as main characters. I get the feeling there’s a good bit of romance going on as well, but nothing explicit, probably PG-13 stuff.

Is there something the two of you typically do together, like a tradition or fond memory, that you could turn into a gift? For example, could you make her a CD of music you guys have enjoyed together or music you’ve discovered that you think she’d like? If you two cook together, you could make a book with a collection of recipes and add little personal stories. Leave plenty of blank pages at the end so the two of you could add to the book in the future.

Does she have a camera? Maybe she’d like a scrapbooking kit.

Around here those crazy hats that look like animals are all the middle school rage.

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@MissAusten I like the idea of a cd or a cook book. I enjoy cooking and I know she likes to help. The problem is I won’t be home until the week before Christmas and I’d love to “do something together” even though we’re not both at home.

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As for something to do together, how about a coupon or IOU to get a manicure and/or pedicure together?

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@Pied_Pfeffer: I agree, however there is still a huge portion of the book dealing with cone shaped aliens and their surroundings. But Ozymandias! Bean pole! <333333

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How do cute shoes and adorable socks sound (if they are affordable)? Check out Ardene and/or Claire’s for more ideas.

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A gift card to hot topic or a check.

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