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Essay help please! In the novel, "The Invisible Man"...?

Asked by genesisalexandra (17points) November 29th, 2011

How is the narrarator negatively affected by his surroundings (the college, the hospital, maria’s house, and the hole. I think I’m missing one). Can you help me describe how each setting is a negative reflection of his changing attitude/character. The Invisible man is by Ralph Ellison

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What do you think? Since this is a homework / schoolwork essay, let’s start there. How do you think the narrator is affected? That’s something that we could possibly discuss.

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Having not read the book, it was looked up on Wikipedia. If what is stated there is true, then it sounds like the the narrator feels/becomes more invisible as he ages. Of the five experieces you need to write about, what happens during those times that may lead him to feel more invisible?

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At each stage the narrator starts off in the novel as a young naive black man. He is still naive until one day he has this “rebirth” but I’m not sure how to tie it into his settings. The college could represent his naivity and then Harlem could be his “transition” period i guess, lastly the hole is the last setting he inhabits. There he completely considers himself to be invisible. thanks for the help so far! it’s already been helpful.

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If I understand your latest post, here is how it might play out.

Maybe it shouldn’t be looked at from a linear timeline. Every time we attempt a new task or experience a new enviornment, no matter what our age, we back to Square One, meanting we need to learn how to adapt to that situation.

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall? It requires learning how to overcome it, calling on the help of others, or just giving up. If the narrator continually succombs to the last one, it is understandable how he might feel that he becomes invisible.

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