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What's the title of this movie?

Asked by jellyfish3232 (1849points) November 29th, 2011

I was on vacation in Maine, and I saw an interesting old movie. It appeared that all of the actors were Asian and it was filmed in black and white. Now, I only caught the tail end of it, but it took place on a space station. There were apparently two main characters; one male, one female. They both wore tight jumpsuits with antennae on their heads. The entire plot appeared to be an action sequence. Endless mobs of people swarmed in trying to kill the jumpsuit-antennae people, as said antennae-people singlehandedly and effortlessly fought them off. At the very end, the two of them tried to get to a rocket ship, but it took off before they could get there. The male grabbed the female and jumped off into space, and somehow flew out to the rocket himself. It was full of their kind. After greeting each other, the guy stepped back outside and floated away smiling and waving to the people in the ship. It was utterly bizarre… And that’s why I need to see it in it’s entirety. Anyone know what it’s called?

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Did the man wear a semi-cape? Did the attackers look rather reptilian or insect like?

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I believe the man wore a semi-cape on his arms, but the attackers were human.
*I believe they were human, but you may be thinking of an earlier part of the movie?

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I have seen this movie. Let me see if I can find it

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FOUND YOU, it is Starman Attack From Space, the segment you are speaking of is part 8 but it is not tagged in a way that links well with Fluther.

Though I did not see any antennae, and only he was kicking butt, not as slick as Jet Li, there was no woman that I could see.

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