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What's his deal, is he just flirting for fun?

Asked by gEogirl (5points) November 29th, 2011

Okay, first off I am 24 and he is 32. We are in the same major and have had class for over a year and half. Only it is this semester that he and I have started to talk. I come off as extremely quiet in class, and only reserve talking to very few people (he on the other hand is mr.popular loud mouth). This semester, we have a lot of camping trips. All of which I was not looking forward to since I really had no friends in this particular class. Trip one I went solo, and this guy practically saves my life when hiking. When I told him thank you for saving my life, he responded, saying “No problem, a pretty girl needed saving…if only I had a white horse to whisk you off with…” I laughed, thinking that was sweet, since I was really embarrassed. Later on, when I was setting up my tent from afar, he saw me and came over. He insisted on moving my tent next to his and then proceeded to help me set it up. He was nothing but extremely nice and very helpful, and when I went to bed early he made notice of it by calling out my newly given nickname (one that he gave me) every thirty minutes. Flash forward, next trip, he along with two other girls carpool with me. Not only that, but he decides that we all share the tent in order to save space in the car. So when we get to the campground, he sets up the tent and lays out our sleeping bags, and mine was next to his. I tried not to think much of this, but later on that night, I could feel him close to me. Eventually he puts his arm around me and spoons me (I am not sure if he was awake or not). Trip 3, somehow, it ended up just being us two carpooling and sharing the tent. I went to bed early again, and he soon followed after. I was surprised because he usually stays up late. This time out, it was freezing cold and raining. He asked me if I was cold and I said YES. I didn’t think anything of it, but then he suggested that we “snuggle”. I immediately replied “no,” just because I know he has a girlfriend. When he set up the sleeping bags, he placed mine right next to his, but I moved it before he came in. To my surprise he noticed, and told me that I was letting the cold air flow between us and he again insisted on snuggling. Eventually, he gets up goes to the bathroom and comes back saying he will fix this…the next thing I know he pulls my bag towards him, and tucks me within his blankets making sure that I am warm. Eventually he puts his arm around me and again, spoons me. At this point, I figure what the hell, he’s warm and I am cold, why not. However, I wake up in the middle of the night and he is caressing my back and stomach. Thats when I woke up and he stopped. The next night, he goes out to eat with the guys and I stayed at the campground, and when he returns he tells me that he bought me something. When I asked him what it was, he replied, “Its a surprise.” I totally forgot about it and then next morning I saw that he bought me the snack that I had been craving the day before. How sweet was that? I think thats when I started to like this guy, but now that we are back in class it seems as though he isn’t interested in me at all. Whats the deal? Was he flirting with me thinking that he was going to get lucky with me? Or did he genuinely like me at some point?

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He has a girlfriend and he is trying to “snuggle” and caress you? He’s a grease ball. Don’t waste your time sweetie.

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I could be wrong, but this seems like primarily physical flirting, which gives me the impression that he was looking to get laid. Whether or not he had/has more interest than that, I don’t think can be known without asking him, which I think is a waste of time if he has a girlfriend.

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Fraid I agree with JessicaRabbit and ANef is Enuf. That seems like he was a guy on a “mission”. Not much more. For all I know, he might actually like you as a person too. But he IS a guy.

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Welcome to Fluther.

Sounds like he thinks you’re nice, and that you’re attractive, and that he figured he’d physically flirt and see if he got laid. He was enjoying it, and if he got some sex, great. If he didn’t, oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained.

He does not want a serious relationship with you. He’d like to have some occasional casual sex with you. If you do too, go ahead, otherwise be aware he’ll keep trying as long as you let him hang out with you, unless you tell him you are not into that.

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Brand new + mini novel = troll

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Excellent answers above. Pay attention.

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As a guy, I’d tell you he’s not just into you for a relationship. The way you described him suggests he’s an outgoing guy. If he was the quiet kind, I’d say he was having trouble approaching you in class as he didn’t know what your reaction would be and he just needed a friendly gesture from you to “spur” him
But back to this guy, don’t waste your time with him, he thought he’d get lucky which he didn’t and it was a no lose situation for him. If he did, he did; if he didn’t, he didn’t. His life goes on.

If he comes on again, be sure to ask him straight up, what he really wants from you. I think your female instinct should get you through whatever his answer will be.

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