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What are some good songs (for acoustic/classical guitar)?

Asked by nromstadt (626points) November 29th, 2011

I have a classical guitar, which is essentially the same as acoustic, but with nylon strings. I need some new song suggestions of acoustic songs (that I can find the tabs for) that have a lot of finger picking and not a lot of strumming. Some examples are The Freshman by the Verve and Such Great Heights by Iron and Wine.

So, pretty straight forward – what are some songs that you like, with a major guitar part and very little strumming?

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The song Ohio by Damien Jurado is a great song, it’s mellow, but it’s one of those songs that just makes you think about something deep. It’s really pretty simple picking also (and I don’t think it has any strumming in it), and pretty much follows the same chord progression and picking style throughout the whole song. Here are the tabs if ya want to learn how to play it. Go ahead and youtube it if you want to hear it to get the timing down too.

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Blackbird, Dear Prudence, and Mother Nature’s Son by the Beatles.

Dust In The Wind by Kansas is also a lot of fun to play.

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Classical Gas. It’s easier than it looks.

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Blackbird (The Beatles). Great tune to sing along while playing and good for shifting positions (move that thumb!!). Good for practicing form and fingerpicking and strumming.

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Listen to some Mississippi John Hurt for wonderful finger=picking guitar inspiration.

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Ooh…check out anything by Jose Gonzalez too…good stuff…and he actually plays a classical nylon gtr.

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Dust in the wind by Kansas. There is an asian kid on youtube that does a killer performance.

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Dueling Banjos – Great to play on both guitar and banjo. Mainly finger picking.

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