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Has anyone noticed the "fill-in" moment in the movie Driving Miss Daisy?

Asked by Aster (19974points) November 30th, 2011

In the movie, Miss Daisy’s driver comes to her house with hot coffee during a power outage. She takes a sip and then says something I thought was carelessly added: “Idella was lucky.” This was said by Miss Daisy to Holt after she stated that “no one could make Idella’s (the deceased maid) coffee. This is the only glitch I found in the movie and it’s just my opinion. Has anyone on here noticed it?

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If you want to find glitches and continuity errors in the movie, there are plenty. But I don’t think the statement that you’re referring to is one. Miss Daisy is genuinely thinking that Idella is lucky to have died already. She’s not usually happy to be still living.

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Daisy thinks Idella is lucky to have died?? I think she meant, and should have said at an earlier time than she did, that Idella was lucky to have had a good life with Daisy. The screen writer wanted her to say something to Holt or Holk while she sipped her coffee and that’s what he came up with and I think it sounded awkward. If I had written the script I would have had her say, “this isn’t as good as Idella’s coffee but it’s wonderful, Holk, and I’m glad you’re here.” Not, “Idella was lucky.”
We can just agree to disagree, ok?

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I think she meant that Idella was easy going. She had a simple but good life.
Miss Daisy knows she’s high strung.

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