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Is England's embassy pull-out of Iran a mistake? Machiavelli said to keep our enemies closer, right?

Asked by zensky (13418points) November 30th, 2011

I don’t blame them after what happened – they must protect their diplomats. But isn’t it dangerous to have no presence at all in this horrible, frightening excuse for a terrorist regime?

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In that is the case, shouldn’t Israel have a embassy there, then? There’s an enemy coupling if I saw one. They should be acting like bosom buddies.

I exaggerate to make a point. There comes a time in the ‘relationship’ when the partners need to walk away. There comes a point where having an embassy somewhere is much more of a liability than a benefit.

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When the American embassy in Iran was stormed in 1979 the diplomats inside were held hostage for over 400 days. We can’t take a chance on something similar happening to the British ( not English) embassy. Britain has ordered the immediate closure of the Iranian embassy in London in response.

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I think in this case it’s a good move to get out. Iran’s a rogue nation and it’s tough for us the comprehend how they think. Best to pull out, stay safe, and then try to figure them out.

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That’s what spies are for. The embassy is the official presence and even in closing serves a function through “visual” diplomacy. Their unofficial presence as well as their ties to others with an official presence are still in place.

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Whatever is happening in Iran is pretty much out of control, I think. Clearly the Iranian administration “allowed” this to happen, or perhaps even organized it. They were angry with Britain’s support for harsher sanctions.

This is a nation that is being isolated from the economy of the west, and really has nothing to lose. They don’t care to have relations with Britain anymore, and thus pulled this stunt. Basically they are saying “Fuck you” to the Brits.

I don’t see why Britain should take it. I don’t see why they should maintain an embassy there in order to talk to Iran. They can continue to have informal contacts, but the don’t need the formal embassy. There are bullies out there, and sometimes it’s just best to avoid them entirely. Especially if you are planning to drop a safe on them some day. Don’t want to be standing next to them if a safe is dropped. Watch the Israeli embassy. If you see the diplomats sneaking off, beware.

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As Achmendinijad has threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the earth I don’t think anyone expects it to have an embassy there.

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Yeah. I’m sure Iran would allow Israel a piece of land to open an embassy. Riiiight.

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