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How do you get your mind off of something?

Asked by goldilocks (273points) May 15th, 2008 from iPhone

I can’t stop thinking about something that is hurting me immensly but it keeps on replaying in my head! I can’t stop and I’m almost crying!

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When I want to take my mind off something i just start cleaning things.

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I play Grand Theft Auto IV. Or I play by guitar, it really helps to take my mind off of stuff thats bothering me. As long as you keep your self busy threre’s less of a chance you’ll think about what you don’t want to.

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Maybe talk to someone about it? Though I have to remind myself of it, when I have something bothering me and I voice it to someone who is listening it seems to help. However if its something puzzling me that is a different story… In any event, I’d suggest confronting whatever it is.

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I pick up a good book, flake out on my bed, and start reading. May sound corny, but it really helps! If it’s a good book and you can really get into it, I find it will help distract me from my own problems and calm me down as I am drawn into the lives of the characters. Listening to music can also help calm me down or distract me when I am upset.

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Sometimes when something is really upsetting me, I take a really hot shower and cry my eyes out like a baby. I figure no one can hear me hiccup sobbing in the shower and I imagine the warm water washing away all the bad feelings. Typically, after I purge the crying then I can talk to someone or put a plan of action together if it’s a problem that needs resolving. Sometimes, when I try really hard to not cry, it makes me feel the need to cry even more. So, maybe you just need to find a safe way to cry yourself out as a way to purge it so you can move on. Good luck, I know sometimes life can just suck!

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I also like to clean when something is bothering me. What helps me also is writing it down, no matter what it is. Its almost like telling someone. It makes you feel like you got it off your chest. I keep a notebook by my bed cause I tend to think about things as I’m trying to go to sleep and if something was bothering me through out the day like a conversation I had with someone or bills or anything, I’ll write it down and also write how I feel about it and that seems to help me.

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The only way around the pain is through. I wish it were not so. Write it out as babirutle36 suggested. If the option is available talk it through with three people. After the third recital and the writing, try to put it away for awhile.

If you go into the feelings painful as they are, they automatically change. It’s the trying to hold the pain back that can keep us stuck.

I really hope things improve for you. Being caught in a painful situation is awful.

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Keep busy. Go out with friends and they’ll keep your mind off whatever it is you shouldn’t be thinking about. The worst thing is to be home and alone with your thoughts – that’s a major bummer.
So keep yourself occupied.

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Why not have a good, long cry over it? And then go find yourself a project. Reading, taking pictures, hiking, painting, gardening…..whatever makes sense to you.

This way, if this thought creeps back in to your head, you can clear it out by reminding yourself, you have dealt with it and cried over it.

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i looked at this page and it really took my mind off of it, im also watching tv- and i think i will go try the shower thing or just go around the internet. Thanks for asking.

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