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What type of surveilance can see and hear everything you do, wherever you are, without having to be near you (i.e. with a van,e.t.c.)?

Asked by glenjamin (2505points) November 30th, 2011

I don’t expect to find an answer here but maybe I’ll get lucky. Thing is, I know this type of technology exists and am intrigued by it, yet I do not know of the technical details (i.e. is it radar, thermal imaging, some sort of sattellite technology, e.t.c.). What I am envisioning is like “big brother watching you,” a veritable panopticon, where nothing goes undetected by some unknown and secret eye. This technology can go through walls, so not mere camera imagery. It can derive highly sensitive visual and audio data, and perhaps software can remodel images (i.e. to make a thermal image look more lifelike and be able to discern minute details such as facial expressions and line of sight). I am guessing this is something not publically disclosed but no doubt used by government agencies and most likely the private sector (i.e. ex-F.B.I. perhaps). Let’s just say I have MORE than a hunch this type of technology exists, and assuming it does, will threaten the privacy of EVERY individual in the future when it falls into the wrong hands. But I digress. I just want to know what exactly it is so I can satisfy my curiosity. If you know of this please be as specific as possible in your details. If this sounds like sci-fi to you, I assure you it is not.

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Hmm…. given that you can darned near read license plates with the commercially available satellite imagery, I would be very surprised if there weren’t super secret military versions that can tell your blood type and give you a breathalyzer test from orbit.

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Santa Claus and God have been reported to have this kind of omniscience.

Frankly, I don’t believe in either, but mankind has some pretty good technology to do some of the things that you mention. None of our technology is perfect, however.

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We used to call this “Mother”.

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I don’t think there is anything so omniscient yet in the real world, though the electronic world is different and you can assume that Big Brother has the ability to search through everything you do. Drone technology can be effective at tracking people’s movements up to a point and I have heard that there is technology that allows snoopers to pick up conversations by shining lasers at the windows of rooms. The more information that can be gathered the more sorting and processing is required and so it can be counter productive.

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It is possible to bounce a laser beam off an external window and demodulate the reflected signal disturbed by acoustic energy against the glass. You need to use a similar window as a reference to subtract off all external noise. Under the right conditions you can hear what is going on in the room from any distance.

By the way, I noticed you’re running low on tuna fish, and the can of tomato soup in your pantry expired in 2009.

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Well put @Sueanne_Tremendous
Add to that list:
Big Brother
The Boss

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Does the common technology that more and more people are starting to have in their households count? There are cameras on almost every new phone and computer. There are only a handful of companies making things like this, and most of them come from China.
A little software installed on the computer can allow remote access of the cameras with no problem at all. Throw in all of the cameras being installed in cities and towns and the Real ID act, which makes all state licenses digital, and you have the framework for a complete surveillance state.

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OnStar [depending on vehicle setup w/camera] they have location and audio already

Collections of feeds from various surveillance cameras [traffic,business,etc] plus cell phone which can be marshalled by law enforcement

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Don’t forget backdoor remote access to your Made in China laptop camera.

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For seeing, I suppose a military grade spy satellite will do. Know maps? That is just a very low resolution version. Does not work if you are inside, though, unless they have some fancy xray scanner built in. I do not know about that, though. Never disassembled a military spy satellite.
For hearing, one could tap into your cellphone. Who knows what kind of backdoors the manufacturers build into these things.
But the most likely thing is that they already are observing you with implants you got injected with at your last vaccination.

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