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Would anyone like to join me in making a 5k mansion?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5952points) November 30th, 2011

I am sooo not even close to 10k. But, one day I will be. But, i’m almost half way there. Yet, we half-ways get no celebration!

I think we should create a 5k mansion too. Who’s in?

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I’ve tried, but 5k parties are not allowed. I do send PMs to some people when they hit 5k though.

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Nope! Work your way up to 10k!

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Maybe a 5K condo… Haha.

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More likely that all parties will be eliminated than that they add a new one.

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We’ll have a 5K campground!
We got schmoes!

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10K parties are commonplace enough.

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Aww. We will send you messages when you get to 5K though. :-) Bit like having to wait until you are old enough to drive or whatever. There are rules for these things.

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I’m cool with waiting for 10K. But I think it’s funny that folks are saying “no way”, when it’s simply a matter of asking a question in Meta… it’s not as complicated as making a new award in fact it already comes with an award. How did the parties originate, anyway?

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Not in. That would make Fluther seem like Party Central!
Trust me you’ll appreciate earning making it to the 10K milestone.
Plus, can you imagine going back to acknowledge all those that have reached 5K! It’ll never happen.:-)

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There are already a lot of 10k parties, we don’t need any more parties!

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The 10K milestone is all the more sweet because it can take so long to achieve.

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go for it, the more parties, the better.

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That’s like asking to have the basketball net lowered. It devalues the game. No short cuts. You’re always waiting to be old enough to do something, why not the mansion. Now if you want to take up the issue of tallying points, I’d be for that.

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5k is a doghouse. I miss that place!

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The good old days. I miss them.

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@TheIntern55 I’m not quite this old but… oh my god, maybe I am! When I was young, really, really young, so perhaps I only heard of them from the grown ups, we had Shmoos. I keep a few of them around the mansion or the castle or wherever the hell it is you end up when you reach 20k. Wherever I am though, I like having shmoos around. They are very good and interesting companions.

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The thing is, at 5K, you’ve not made enough of an impact to get the many beautiful and appreciative responses that you get after reaching 10K…. And if you have made enough of an impact for lots of people to have an opinion of you at 5K, there’s a high chance it’s not a good opinion!

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ooh, @zensky loving your lurve tally right now! 6666

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My camper is always open. Feel free to have a tailgate party there.

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@erichw1504 Oh my that just blasted me from the past!

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@dappled_leaves Hmm? When you say, “it’s simply a matter of asking a question in Meta”, are you talking about posting a congratulatory 5k question? If so, the answer is: you can post a question to congratulate someone on 5k, but it will be promptly removed. I know this because I posted one quite a while back, and it was deleted.

That’s what I meant with my first comment: “5k parties are not allowed”.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I had no idea… what a bizarre thing to moderate.

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I think I was able to pick up around 100 lurve per day up until I hit 5000. Then, boom! Things became much slower. Of course, it wasn’t that people were lurving me any less; it’s that their lurve didn’t add to the lurve total, since they had already lurved me to the maximum. To get lurve after people have maxed out, you have to appeal to new people.

But the first 5K is really easy. It’s what you do after that that shows your mettle. With each 10K mark, it becomes harder and harder and takes longer and longer. You have to be really dedicated… or really crazy and obsessed to keep on going after that. Not that I would know anything about that. ;-)

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@lillycoyote Now I have to get to the 20K mainson to eat schmoos!
So far away from deliciousness…..

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Just kidding, right? The secret of fluther is to not reach the silly milestones.

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Everyone give @Sueanne_Tremendous a GA now :)

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@TheIntern55 My Shmoos are not for eating! They are my beloved companions. That’s exactly why there is no housing available for 5kers! Now I’m going to have to post a very scary, threatening “Shmoo Poachers Will Be Shot on Sight” sign. :-)

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GA away…I pull the plug at 9999!

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@wilma How was it back in time?

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@erichw1504 way back when I was kid I did that with the cushions from our sofa.
Your photo shot me with a (nice) memory that was very clear and vivid of the feel and smell and fun of those cushion forts.
Later as a mother, I showed my kids how to do it and just a few months ago showed my granddaughter.

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@lillycoyote It’s okay; i can work a gun too :D

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@TheIntern55 Just warning you. You better not shoot my shmoos! :-)

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There should be a sign that says ¼ way up the hill to mountain mansion.

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