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Have you ever gotten Command products to work?

Asked by marinelife (62455points) December 1st, 2011

I need to hang some artwork without leaving holes in the walls. I have tried Command products in the past and never gotten them to work.

Is there some secret that I am missing?

Is there some other solution?

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My parents have used them seasonally on painted and wood surfaces, and in fact are using some now, they’ve never had an issue with them that I was aware of.

Maybe the FAQ can shed some light on it for you. Good luck.

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I used them last year to hang the Christmas stockings, and they worked! Even under the heavy load on Christmas morning. I’m not sure there is a secret though—I do recall that the instructions were a little confusing to me. Re-reading a few times got me past that. Hang in there!

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I tried using them to hang a towel from a laminated cabinet. Didn’t work at all. :/

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I suspect that you’re not properly cleaning the area to use the adhesive. Have you noted that you’re supposed to clean with alcohol first? I’ve been using the 3M Command® hangers for years, and I love them.

I don’t think I’d use them with expensive artwork, though. I think for that I’d still want a more solid wall anchor of some kind.

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@CWOTUS I did not know about the alcohol.

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I 2nd @CWOTUS. I’ve been using them since they came out…They’re one of my FAV products of all time. My fav use is on outdoor windows/doors to hang wreaths and seasonal decor. Since I have a glass storm & a brick home, I don’t have to make any permanent alterations to hang things!

I use alcohol first, then do as the instructions say…Put the hook up & let it adhere for at least one hour. Then, it’s good to go.

My mom uses them on her rental property doors for seasonal decor, too. Hundreds of people go in & out the front door of her main office monthyly & she’s had her hooks up for a couple of years now with zero issues.

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