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Games people play?

Asked by rojo (24169points) December 1st, 2011

When you are playing a solo game, such as solitaire or soduko (or angry birds), there comes a time when it is glaringly obvious that you have already won or lost the game. When you get to that point do you:
a. end that game and start a new one or
b. finish it even though the outcome is a forgone conclusion?
Do you think your answer reflects the personality type you believe you are?

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A and maybe.

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I’m not a solo game player, but yes, I do think how people play games is a good indication of some of their personality traits.

A big clue would be of you cheat yourself or get mad and pout when you lose to yourself. lol

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There’s no fun in knowing you’re going to lose and it seems pointless and far less enjoyable to keep playing. I’m not quite sure if it reflects my personality type though. I would’ve thought most people would also start a new game, it just makes sense lol.

As far as winning goes, I would still complete the game, just because it’s nice to finish something you put effort and time into. Getting to the end just seals the victory. So I would choose B. in that case.

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If I really enjoy it, I will play till the end even if I’m going to lose. This will often be accompanied by many “damn it” and “shit” terms in various forms. Then I will start the game all over, determined to beat it. If I don’t enjoy the game I’ll quit it rather I’m winning or losing. I don’t feel the need to finish it if I’m not enjoying it.
I’m sure it says a lot about my unique personality ; )

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Depends on the game, if I feel there’s the benefit of practice to be had (or an interesting story unfolding in the case of a video game), even once the outcome is a foregone conclusion, I’ll keep playing. Otherwise, assuming I’ve nothing else demanding my time, I’ll start over with a new challenge and try to apply what I learned. Sometimes it’s also an enjoyable challenge just to salvage as much as possible from a loss or improve on a best performance in a win.

It reflects my personality to some extent as I frequently apply the same analysis (weighing effort vs. reward) to other aspects of life and make an effort to understand the value in various experiences (lessons learned), but from an uninformed outside observer, I’m not sure much meaning can be drawn from that single example.

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I generally quit and restart, once I’m certain there’s no way to win.

I have no idea what that says about me… maybe that I’m lazy? I’m ok with that.

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With solitaire,I finish it even though it’s obvious I’ve won.. Why? I haven’t the faintest idea, but I don’t think I can NOT finish it. I think I just like to see all the cards in their little piles. THEN the game is over.
Sudokus are another matter. I can’t see that I’m going to win ahead of time. I’ve gotten all the way to the last square and discover I’ve done something wrong. I also have to check as I go along and at the end to be sure it is right. If I mess up along the way, I try to find the error, but I’m just as likely to chuck the whole thing if I can’t correct the error.

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Depends on the type of game. With something like angry birds there are times you know without a doubt you’re fucked for that level. So ya restart. But something like solitaire you may think you’re screwed but if ya look long enough sometimes something will come up and you can move some stuff and win. So I try and hang around for that. Both of these games I don’t think would be that indicative of a personality trait though because they’re such a short game and not much is invested.

When I playing long drawn out games like Civilization I will keep playing even when all hope is lost and the whole world is with war with me because I feel like I took the time to try and make that nation grow or whatever, I may as well see it out to its end, even if it is a crappy one :P

@Coloma I dont think its so bad to cheat in games occasionally. Sometimes its just more fun to screw around with the game rather than be challenged by it.

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If it’s evident that i’m about to emerge victorious, I yell & punch the air like it matters…....oh so much.
If, on the other hand it’s clear i’m on the receiving end of a right royal arse kicking, well…..that’s when the game & all it’s component parts are about to be tossed to all four corners of the room.

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I play Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2, and I want to exceed the high score every time I play. But when it becomes obvious I won’t, I still feel compelled to finish out the game. Anything less feels like cheating.

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I am what is generally refered to as a Type B personality and normally go with answer a. My wife, as Type A as they come, ALWAYS goes with b. @Sunny2 funny thing is that even on those occasions that I do complete a winning solitaire game on the computer, I never let it get through its little card dance.

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A. When it is obviously over, it’s over.

I don’t believe it has alignment to personality type.

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Did you mean sudoku? You can’t lose in sudoku, you can only get road blocked, lol. When it comes to a game I actually can lose I just try to get it over with or start it over. It depends on my mood though and sometimes I’ll pull an occasional miracle (chess is a good example of this).

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@Paradox25 Yes, sorry about the spelling. Point taken but I find that when the choice is erase everything on a piece of newspaper and try to write over it, I usually do not even try. If I am playing on the computer, I will back up and try over.

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I play solitaire for points in a newspaper promotion, so I carry it out to the very end when I win, and quit as soon as it becomes clear I can’t win. The more points I get, the more chances I can buy to win a prize.

I play online Yahtzee once in awhile. I enjoy it no matter whether I get on the winners chart or not.

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It depends on my mood. If I’m playing because I want that part of my brain to be busy while I puzzle something out, then I’ll often just keep playing. If I’m trying to get my mind off something, and I’m actively paying attention to the game, then I’ll quit when I see I’m not winning.

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@rojo Actually I don’t really care if others mispell words for the most part (I’m not a grammer nazi but just an average person that works for a living). I just thought that maybe it was a new game I never heard of, that’s all.

I usually print sudoku puzzles from the net so I usually will just continue where I left off on a newly printed page from the same puzzle if I made too many mistakes.

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@rojo I only play with real cards. I find games on the computer less satisfying than actually handling the cards. (And it’s my game. I can peek and cheat if I want to.)

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