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What happens when one gets arrested by a horse cop?

Asked by andrew (16358points) May 15th, 2008

Where do they put you? Side-saddle in handcuffs?

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Thank you for asking this.

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I think they’re supposed to be “first response” and then once they secure you they stay with you until a patrol car arrives to take you awaaaaay.

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Depends. If you are arrested for horsing around then the cop lets the horse decide your fate.

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Yes, they’re forced to babysit you until the legitimate horse-powered help arrives. There must be no horseplay involved, either. And it is not a gift horse, so don’t bother looking into its mouth.

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As someone who was arrested by a cop on a bike I can answer this. They hold you until a car comes along so they can take you to jail for skateboarding. N.W.A said it best.

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@reed… WOW…thats THE lamest statement I’ve ever heard…..not funny either…...

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OT @johnpowell Seriously, you were arrested for skateboarding??? What happened, if you don’t mind telling. That’s just twisted, skateboarding???

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I was about 20 years old and skating in the parking lot of a bank. It was totally open (no fences) and there weren’t any signs. A bike cop pulled up and arrested me for trespassing and I spent the night in jail. And they confiscated my skateboard until I went to court. The charges were dropped.

And I wasn’t even doing anything on the curbs. I was doing flip tricks in the middle of a parking lot after I got of work. It was well after midnight.

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I’m glad at least to know that the charges were dropped. I think sometimes some cops get off on flexing their muscles of authority and what they don’t get is that these sorts of acts on their part harbor only feelings of ill will towards them. A larger part of their job is discretion but some appear to be on a testosterone-driven mission. It’s not only maddening but it’s frightening as well.

My son got ticketed here once for playing basketball on a public school courtyard, equally disturbing in my opinion, particularly when you consider that public schools are funded with public monies. As was also in your case, it was deserted and nothing was being damaged or defaced.

I wonder if the police are aware that they sometimes contribute to a genuine lack of mistrust of them when they do things like this.

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I argued with a friend for months because he said he saw a horse cop lasso a guy. He finally had to get a hold of some guy he parties with to get a video. Sure enough, there was a horse cop lassoing a guy. I was suprised to say the least. There was a squad car that came and picked that guy up latter, so I was told. That part wasn’t on the video.

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Tie your hands together, attatch you by rope to the end of the saddle, and walk off, dragging you along. (joking)


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As long as he doesn’t have the horse stand on your chest. That would hurt.

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