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Why would some random female wave and say hi?

Asked by XOIIO (18288points) December 1st, 2011

Alright, for some reason this random girl came out of the palce I volunteer at while I was waiting for my ride. She looked at me briefly, but I figured she was just looking around, then for some reason she waved, I ignored. She was getting in her truck and sort of peeked around the corner, that before leaving waved and said hi, smiling for some reason.

This person is somewhat attractive, so why would she do this? Why say hi to some random person, especially me?

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You missed your chance, man. She was probably just a friendly free spirit.

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@Blackberry But why would she looka t me several times? This person most people are has no reason to have an interest in me, she’s “out of my league” as they say. Sure other people “out of my league” have been interested in me, but it’s always the personality they like or my humour or something. This is totally random.

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@XOIIO You shouldn’t think someone couldn’t possibly want you. That is bad self esteem. If someone seems to want you, let it happen if you want them, too.

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@Blackberry but it’s the truth. I’m just trying to figure out why nature is fucking up. I’ve been the bottom of the food chain for everything 17 years, I don’t get what’s going wrong.

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Or maybe she has seen you at the place where you volunteer and she works there too and was waving and smiling at someone she considers a co-worker? Perhaps she thought you were someone else? Or, as @Blackberry suggested, perhaps she fancies you. If you see her again, say hi and strike up a conversation. You may find out why she is so friendly.

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@Bellatrix I’ve never seen her before, and she works downstairs. I’ve never seen any of them before actually.

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She just wanted to be friendly and say hi to you. You should say hello the next you see her. Trust me =)

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She might have just been a friendly person.
Maybe you were staring at her, and didn’t even realize it, so rather than getting snippy, she decided to say hello.
Maybe she thought she knew you.
Who knows?

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You may not have seen her, but she may have seen you. She obviously knows you work there. Say hi to her. She noticed you.

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Note: a) nature never fucks up; b) next time, if there is next time, say hi, who knows what may come about. :)

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Maybe she thought you were someone else that she knows?
More likely though, is that she wanted to say hi to you.
If you get another chance, why don’t you say hi first or at least respond if she speaks to you.

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She came out of your volunteer facility? She may have just complained to management about you for some reason… and wanted you to know that she’s responsible for getting your ass chewed out tomorrow morning when you arrive.

Probleeee not.

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This is one reason i’d hate to be a woman, although playing with my tits all day long would be very nice.
You smile at a guy & he gets a semi!?!

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@ucme no, I’m just trying to figure out why nature is backfiring. Yes, it is. Survival of the fittest is the whole point and for some reason this is getting ignored.

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Not every small action has to have some deep underlying logical reason.

Next time just chill out and wave back.

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Survival of the fittest is the whole point? Excuse me for a sec (proceeds to laugh his ass off). Okay back, anyway, survival of the fittest no longer has a place amongst humans in the modern world, and humans aren’t that base to have feelings only for “the fittest.” Hahaha, don’t say such ridiculous things XOIIO, nature doesn’t have much to do with it except for the attraction part, the rest is all human. You remind me of the brat I was in middle school. Hahaha, ridiculous….

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@King_Pariah But as far as society goes I am the least desireable aside from some 400 pound world of warcraft programmer. All people care about is looks and popularity while the intelligent are wanted to improve society, but not desired in terms of relationships.

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@XOIIO Intelligence can get you a) lots of pussy (pardon me ladies) b) a girl willing to be with you for a long time. It takes effort and you gotta play your cards right, and it’s kinda messed up to just label society as a group of shallow individual, I mean they’re the ones everyone notices, but they’re not the definition of all the individuals in a society. The actions of a few cannot and should not define the whole.

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@XOIIO Where are you getting these ideas?? Plenty of girls want intelligent guys.

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@Mariah But not around here, and I don’t have the cash to move to silicon valley. Intelligence will always be second on the list though. 95% of people would choose the jersey shore douchebag over the smart average guy, and I’m far below average.

But maybe it’s jsut every single person I’ve seen in my life so far.

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oh, 95%? So that means you believe in that 5% who won’t? Why not KEEP YOURSELF OPEN TO FIND THOSE OF THE “SO CALLED” 5%.

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Every person who claims that the majority of people want everything but what you have to offer always seems to say “not here.”
People are not so different just because they live in a different area. Most people want someone confident and comfortable in their own skin. I don’t know why people seem to think that their judge of character is so much better than everyone else on the planet. Obviously you can see what a “douchebag” that guy is, but no one else ‘gets it.’

I would guess it’s an attitude problem. Not that women aren’t attracted to intelligent men, because last I checked I am a woman, and I love intelligent men. I would choose the less than fit guy with the glasses and a good personality and bright mind over the “Jersey Shore douchebag” a thousand times over.

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@XOIIO you are so off track. Intelligence is so, so sexy. I rate it much higher than good looks. There are many girls who are looking for guys who are fun, interesting and treat them decently. Be confident. Talk to people without thinking about where it might lead. Just enjoy getting to know people and I am sure you will find girls who are interested in more than the good looking guy.

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@XOIIO Can I talk straight with you for a moment? Feel free to tell me to stfu as I know unasked for advice is often unwelcome, but I think you should hear what an actual girl actually thinks rather than what you think girls think.

Honestly, if I knew you in real life, yeah I probably wouldn’t be attracted to you, but it would be because I’d be offended by your implication that girls are all shallow dumbasses, not because of your appearance. It’s like you’ve got a case of nice guy syndrome except it’s “smart guy syndrome” instead. The point is, women really don’t appreciate being told that the only reason they don’t like you is because they have shitty taste!

I think you have low self esteem. And I don’t think an attitude of “no one could possibly ever like me so I’ll just give up” is good for you mentally, nor is it helping with your lady troubles.

My advice would be to stop with the negative self talk. Telling yourself you suck is the ultimate unproductive act. Then try and lighten up a little bit: don’t analyze every little thing a girl does! We are just people, and sometimes people just do stuff for the hell of it! Try and make some female friends and learn to enjoy their company as human beings, not as potential partners.

So I hope I haven’t offended the hell out of you. I just think you’re being way, way, way too hard on yourself!

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@Mariah I don’t veiw anyone as friends, just people I mildly tolerate or get along with, if they were shot in front of me I would not care.

I’m not trying to look at anyone as a partner, that’s the whole point.

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Wow, heartless. Are you sure you’re not the me of middle school through high school come back to haunt me?

Or is it bitterness?

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Well there’s your problem…

Okay so I phrased that wrong. You’re not looking at girls as potential partners, but you’re looking at them like everything they do revolves around finding a partner. “Gasp, she waved at me? But why, she can’t possibly like me!” Well maybe romance wasn’t even in her head; maybe she was just being friendly. We interact with males for reasons other than trying to seduce them.

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