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Your comfort (bad mood) food?

Asked by Kandy (363points) December 1st, 2011

So everyone seems to have some sort of comfort food when they are feeling down. Aside from the expected, (icecream, cookies, etc.) what are your comfort foods? I know I always go get an English Toffee coffee and sour candy from the gas station.

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Sour cream.

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mashed potatoes and peas smushed together with lots of salt and butter.

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Cottage cheese with Chinese noodles mixed in them. Yum!

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Apple slices topped with chocolate-hazelnut spread.

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Chocolate and vodka.

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Chocolate, any kind of pastry and Cream of Wheat.

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Beer and pizza.

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Rita’s… or beer (depending on the time of day).

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I think I’d like to try a fizzbanger

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I will eat less when I am feeling down.
Depression is good for my diet : ) This thread, however, is not : ( LOL

@rojo I love smashed taters with corn, omgosh, so yummy!

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Kale chips, anyone?

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Wine. The bottle instead of a glass.

Oh! And welcome to Fluther.

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Potato chips!

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Beef Stroganoff.

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A big plate of macaroni and cheese with a nutella milkshake. That’s what my significant other made me a couple weeks ago and it was delicious. I want some now… not really in a bad mood, but it sounds good.

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Someone’s arm.

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@gailcalled . . . No thank you. I filled up on twigs and berries on the way over.

Give me a bag of chips and the second hand on a clock to watch.

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Spaghetti with meat sauce and melted mozzerella on top.

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Yes, mashed potatoes are great, I also go for my delicious grilled ham and cheese or steak sandwiches with avacados. You know, heart attack on a plate…but, so good!

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Cottage cheese on warm toast.
Drumstick ice cream
hamburger sandwich with dill pickles, mustard, tomato and lettuce
macaroni and cheese

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Burgundy cherry. Just had some tonight…

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Liquorice allsorts. And if it’s night time and I’m still feeling like crap, I will drink red wine.

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Anything sweet. Nothin’ a good dessert can’t do. I love my cheesecake :)

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Quality pizza and real (not artificial) birch beer.

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Chicken mcnuggets

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Cellared beer.

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