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Fluther Question: Have the Chat rooms been dead lately?

Asked by Tizoxic (153points) December 1st, 2011

I’ve been visting the Chat rooms lately and it seems that nobody is on them? Have they always been this way or what?

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The chat room is very sporadic.

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They’re usually pretty dead, from my experience. However, as @FutureMemory says, sometimes it’s a party in there. I got into some, missed a lot. I denno if you have to kill something to make people appear in there, or just walk in when some rare constellation is showing in the night sky, but yeah…sometimes it gets all toga party in there, but many times it’s all dusty back alley.

I have heard that chat was a lot more active in the past though. It’s been goin around ghost style for quite a while, s’far as I can see.

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@Tizoxic If by “lately” you mean “for the past few years,” then yes. Still, there have been a few memorable chat sessions (though not everyone always remembers them due to the prevalence of drunk Fluthering).

@Symbeline The standard ritual involves a goat, three pieces of cheese, and a gibbous moon.

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I knew the cheese wasn’t there for naught…shoulda picked that bitch up! :D

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Nobody seems to want to be the first. Log in and leave it open in a tab. Eventually someone will come in and then you can chat and then more will join in. Right now people go in and stay for two seconds and leave.

There needs to be a seed. I used to leave it open for 4+ hours when nobody was in it and at the end of the night it was pretty active.

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I don;t know, don’t go there.
I’ve tried to jump in a few times, but, everyone posts so fast it is not very gratifying and I wouldn’t call it “chat”, I’d call it speed chat. lol

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