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Why would my music downloads all slow down when I play them?

Asked by rojo (24159points) December 1st, 2011

I have noticed that all my music downloads from UTube are playing slow (like you have your finger on the record for those of you who are of my age group). So Johnny Cash says “Welllllllllll Yooooor Myyyyyyy Frienddddddddd…........”. What would cause this problem? I have not had any virus’s that I am aware of. I am running windows 7on this computer. Any ideas?

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Update flash player, clear cookies, cache and history and report back.

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what are you using to play them? You stated they are downloaded, so if the file one worked ok, then it is something in the application that has the issue.
Right click on the file and select Open With and choose a different program to play it, see how that works.

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Which media player are you using? It may depend on the type.

Try using savetube when saving songs from Youtube. Just copy the Youtube url into savetube’s site and see what happens.

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@XOIIO @blueliznh @AshlynM Updated RealPlayer, cleared cookies, cache, history and used ccleaner. Seemed to pick up slightly but still does not sound right. Tried listening to some of the songs online without downloading and they still sounded slow so I went to another computer this morning and on this one they sounded right online. Could this be a mechanical problem? It is an old MPC computer. On other programs I can never come close to using up their potential so maybe they run slow also and I just don’t know it.

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Try a different browser. If you are using IE, try either FireFox or chrome. if you are using Firefox, etc etc

The audio should buffer, but I have heard of odder things.

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