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Which country's flag looks the coolest?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) May 15th, 2008

I like Wales and Bhutan (they both have a cool-looking dragon).

Also, Libya was not very creative with theirs.

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Well Canada of course – maple leaves are so retro-chic right now. Macedonia has a pretty striking flag. Nepal and Switzerland get my kudos for breaking the standard shape and size. I also enjoy Barbados’ flag which sports a slick Neptunian trident.

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United States of America

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I can’t decide on a ‘coolest’ because I like so many of them, but three I currently think are very cool are:

The Rising Sun [of coarse]
Francophonie [not a country but perhaps my favorite]

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Britain’s Union Jack, of course.

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Also, though I obviously look down upon their horrific war crimes and crimes against humanity, the Imperial Japanese Army’s flag was pretty awesome-looking.

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@ljs- Actually it’s called the Union Flag. It’s a Union Jack only when it is on the mast of a sailing vessel. I learned this on “Doctor Who” so it must be true.

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@elchoop- That thing looks super cool.

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I like the German Flag with Eagle . Great, strong colours and the Eagle is just cool.

Also, the Isle of Man flag is just so odd that it’s cool.

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I’ve always appreciated the Saudia Arabian flag, with the beautiful Arabic script and dramatic sword!

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Albania, Marshall Island, Poland, Seychelles, San Marino, Egypt, Brazil, South Africa, India, Uraguay

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I really like the old ” Don’t Tread on Me” with the snake. It was a USA flag right?

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Albanian flag is cool – and would make a great t-shirt or top!

British Indian Ocean Territory just makes me think of holiday(vacation) – it’s really cool!

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I’ve always been partial to the Israeli flag…

And I do also love the British Union Flag

@Astrochuck- LOVE the Doctor Who reference! Oh Rose…

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I’ve always like Jamaica’s flag for some reason!

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Mozambique – it’s got an AK-47 on it.

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Gallery of sovereign-state flags on Wikipedia (and this page is pretty good too).

I like the national flags of South Africa, Seychelles, the UK, Kenya and East Timor. And I like the state flag of Germany and state flag of Austria, with the cool looking eagle.

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