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Regarding what three things would you like to get all the time back you've ever spent?

Asked by 6rant6 (13692points) December 2nd, 2011

It occurred to me that I’ve spent an exorbitant amount of time dealing with ants in my life – ants in the kitchen, ants in the garden. I would like to have that time back to do something of my own choosing. It’s not so much the amount of time as the unenlightedness of the activity.

I also resent the time I’ve spent watching insurance and political commercials on TV.

And then there’s ironing shirts. Who came up with that idea anyway?

I’m sure that some of you have things in your life that you’d like to get the time you’ve spent back to apply somewhere of your own choosing.

Tell me.

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Doing dishes.
Waiting while “on hold” on the phone with insurance or cable or other such companies.
Waiting in a parking lot for my kids to get out of school.
Sitting in boring public meetings listening to “officials” bla, bla, bla, on about themselves instead of getting down to business.
Fighting with my husband.
Yelling at my children.

What do I wish that I could apply that time to?
Breastfeeding my babies.
Playing with my children.
Relaxing with and loving my husband.
Walking in the woods.
Talking to my dad.
Learning from my grandparents.
Visiting with a friend who is gone.

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Cleaning the toilet.
In meetings at work (usually worthless)
Waiting in traffic jams

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In no particular priority:
Cleaning my pool.
sitting at stop lights
going grocery shopping
waiting on long load times for certain web pages
rebooting my dumb smart phone

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1. Sitting and waiting for things that have no true value
2. All that time lost while dealing with depression
3. Time consumed dealing with people who have jumped to misleading conclusions, spread false rumors, held grudges, shunned, were cruel to others and trying to appease their negativity

I would use that time to:
Have much more fun with my kids
Read good books
Do more artwork
Pursue more information and learning
Engage in stimulating discussions
Spend more time with family and friends

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#1 worrying
#2 procrastinating
I’d spend the time getting something done.
The likeliness of that happening is probably 0

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@Sunny2 You beat me to it. Same! : )

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I would give up the other two just to get back the time I’ve spent sleeping.

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Meh…I’m good, I don’t think about things like this, I just live in the moment. lol

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Time spent sitting on facebook!
Waiting for trains,
Sitting in traffic,
and time spent worrying.

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Sorry @6rant6 you said three things and I missed that directive.

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I think I would like to get back a lot of the time I spent at work when my boss was making me miserable. Also, I would also like to get back all the time I spent driving the highways between here and my parents house. Especially on Thanksgiving.

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Being selfish. If I could have those hours back I would’ve done things differently.
I would also like all the hours from my first marriage back. Those were mostly spent drunk.

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@wilma No one’s counting. Or not well, anyway.

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Certainly some of fluther.

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Smoking. I haven’t for years but after I gave up I noticed how much time it could take up.
Doing ridiculous things (any ridiculous thing) to avoid work I might have to complete.
Arguing with people who really aren’t worth the energy.

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Well, considering that I’ve now changed my major, as of this past spring, all the time from the classes I took that now I don’t need, lol! (Although, I don’t really regret learning of any sort…)

Also…waiting in traffic, and pining over a certain someone who I am now over (although I still care about him.)

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