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Why is Fluther so quiet?

Asked by mowens (8350points) December 2nd, 2011

Thre used to be tons of questions by this time of day… now there are only a few. What gives?

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The Rapture? Nah, that would still leave most of the jellies…

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The fluffy questions have all been done a zillion times, and those with any iron are too hard to fathom. Most people are away playing video games, shopping, watching a pod cast, playing golf, or sleeping off a hangover because of that.

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@thorninmud . . . tru ‘dat

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@Hypocrisy_Central I literally do none of that ever. ...okay, shopping if I must.

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I think a lot of people are gearing up for the holidays and don’t have much extra time. I’m trying to get outta here now to run a million errands myself, and, to adopt a new cat at the shelter. :-D

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I’m not sure if it has something to do with the whole content farm thing? Fewer new visitors being generated from Google… Dog asked a good question about it about a month ago – I’m not sure where we’re up to with it now.

That said, I think regular members have been asking fewer questions too… Maybe we’re all busy pre and post holidays?...

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Sssssshhh. I’m watching the super secret footage of the Fluther monthly naked moderator meeting from last night.

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Yeah, I’m going with the seasonal thing…

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I don’t play video games, I don’t drink, I don’t play golf, I never have had a hang-over and I spend as little time as possible shopping.

I am, however, brooding about what questions with iron would be. Different from questions with stainless steel or titanium.


Fluffy is to iron as hamster is to ? (locomotive?)

However, today I did spent two headache-producng hours talking to an Apple support guy in India. He was very pleasant, fluent in English and very polite (called me “Mum” and then asked permission to call me “Gail). I could understand about half of what he was telling me.

He put me on hold and the call fell into a black hole. After 40 minutes I rephoned the help desk back on my cell phone and let them listen to the annoying music on their “hold” site. Much consternation, many apologies and gnashing of teeth. He solved problem A but generated problems B and C. I had to hang up finally and meditate for a while.

(The iCloud I am trying to use seems to be unrelated to The Rapture, unfortunately.)

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Richard Gere?

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It seems to me that Fluther has been slowing down significantly for the last 6 months or so. Could be my imagination, but I don’t think we’ve been getting as many new users in big groups like we used to.

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They all pissed off those evil librarian ladies by being a few decibels too loud and were smited

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Most jellies are still sleeping from all the tryptophan.

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I don’t have any questions to ask at the moment.

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If you arent careful @Blackberry… I will use my last question of the day asking “Why does blackberry no longer have any questions?”

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@mowens now that would be a great question!

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Speak for yourself, bubba! I asked three questions today. One was even a hit. And I answered a bunch more. Plus it seems to me that after the google issue, something must have changed because I am seeing an uptick in the number of new people.

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Everyone is tripping on nutmeg? maybe?

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I’m on the road.

Here this will get things started:
Can ____ (insert deity of your choice) make a nutmeg powder so powerful he can’t resist getting addicted to it?


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I asked a question yesterday. Perhaps we should all make a point of writing down the questions that occur to us throughout the day and to ask at least one of them on Fluther. I think of questions and then forget them by the time I can get on here.

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Let me see what this does. Watch social.

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That will be changing since I’m back ;o)

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Enjoy it while it lasts.
@Bellatrix By the time I get here, my questions have been asked.

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@mowens define tons…..

Are you measuring the weight of a question by question count or by wordy questions?

I agree with @Hypocrisy_Central that fluffy questions may be down (no pun intended).

I will take quality to quantity any day.

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Watching old episodes of Unsolved Mysteries. I’ll also still be there after the Rapture.

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Everyone’s mind melted after listening to this.

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