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Do you consider grilled cheese sandwiches a breakfast, lunch, or dinner food?

Asked by incendiary_dan (13354points) December 3rd, 2011

Of course grilled cheese can be eaten at any time, but hobbitsubculture and I have been having a disagreement as to whether it is primarily a breakfast, lunch, or dinner food. I say breakfast and sometimes lunch. She says lunch and dinner. Your thoughts?

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I’m afraid you’re right. I don’t see grilled sandwiches as dinner. I see it as a good breakfast sandwich while my 91 year old friend loves having it for lunch. And snack too but not dinner. @incendiary_dan 1 @hobbitsculture 0. : )

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Yes. But then I eat any food any time depending on my mood, what’s in the fridge, and if my favorite oatmeal at the diner is available during lunch hour.

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Lunch food to me.

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All of the above, although I am a student, I am happy to eat curry for breakfast if it is leftover.

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There are no “rules”, heck, I’m about to have a delicious bowl of chili for breakfast at 7:53 am lol

I often eat dinner stuff for breakfast and vice versa.

Just another example of silly “shoulds” and “should nots.”

Don’t should on yourself. ;-)

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I happened to make them for brunch today. They are fine at any time.

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@Coloma didn’t read the details. :P

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@incendiary_dan haha..well, it is very early, but..kinda the same premise, I say it can be all of the above.

I’m baking cornbread to go with my home made chili at 8 a.m. now.
It’s freaking freezing outside, just sounded right.;-)

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I like grilled cheese for breakfast with bacon or sausage and eggs.
I like grilled cheese for lunch with potato chips and dill pickles.
I like grilled cheese for dinner with specialty breads and cheeses and baked beans.
Yep! I would say grilled cheese is a breakfast, lunch or dinner item.
Also great for a late night snack with a glass of wine.;)

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Only lunch food for me.

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A late breakfast or lunch and always fried with tomato slices inside!

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Lunch and dinner. How can you not eat grilled cheese for dinner? With a bowl of soup and a big pickle? Yum.

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@ANef_is_Enuf oh , I could do that but he wouldn’t eat it. He’d call it a “skimp dinner.”

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brunch sure hits the spot.

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I think of it as primarily lunch, but it’s great at any time.
@Coloma I’m with you on chili for breakfast. Have you tried it with a poached egg in it and a dollop of sour cream?

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Lunch and dinner, but it sure does make a great breakfast for hangovers. Grilled cheese with soup is one of my favorite comfort food dinners.

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Whenever the urge hits me for a grilled cheese sandwich.

This means anytime of the day or night.

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Lunch. Unless you’re in Korea. Then it really doesn’t matter since Koerans don’t change anything for breakfast. Weird.

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Count me as “primarily lunch,” although I might serve it up as a “lazy dinner” or the “we need to go get food, I have no groceries in the house dinner.” Previous to reading this question, I had never thought about breakfast and grilled cheese in the same context before.

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It’s always been a lunch thing for me. My dad often made me grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, along with soup. I’d consider it a little too heavy for a breakfast, but maybe that might be just me. Can’t eat very much at all when I get up. (although I have had some a few times for breakfast) It’s also not big enough to be a dinner, so it seems a perfect lunch meal. I like dipping them in mayonnaise, too. Take that arteries. XD

But here’s something you might find interesting, although don’t quote me, I might be misinformed. When pioneers came to the Americas, the lifestyle they had, and many after them, consisted of a very big breakfast, large lunch, and a small diner. Apparently, that’s the healthy way to do it, since you need the most energy when you’re out tending fields and stuff, and not soon before going to sleep. We’re doing it ass backwards these days. XD

I don’t think they made grilled cheese sandwiches, but just thought I’d share haha. Seems slightly related.

But yeah, lunch thing. It’s fast to make, and considerably filling.

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That’s a versatile little snack, can be eaten almost anytime of day really.
My gran used to tell me eating cheese at night can give you nightmares.
She was wrong though gawd bless her, sleeping with the front door wide open right after watching a slasher flick does that trick all by itself, no cheese required.

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Haha Seed of Chucky-Cheese. :-p

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It is a bit heavy for my breakfast but grilled cheese on toast with a few slices of tomato and some pepper is perfect for lunch or maybe a late night snack.

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Lunch or dinner for me. My favorite grilled cheese is swiss cheese on rye.

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Lunch if were are talking pure Grilled Cheese. Toss on some sliced beef and tomato and now we are at dinner.

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I would say primarily lunch. We call them “cheese toasties” here and they’re often on the pub lunch menu. Posh pubs call them “paninis” and charge twice the price.

Personally though, I think they’re also acceptable breakfast food. In fact the canteen at work serves “cheese on toast” at breakfast time, which is basically an open grilled cheese sandwich without the top slice of bread.

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Primarily lunch, but delicious anytime. My husband made me a grilled ham and Swiss cheese sandwich for breakfast yesterday, and I did not object. ;)

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I think any time. I wouldn’t serve them for dinner to anyone but my husband and I but sometimes, that’s all we feel like. Great for lunch too and I had one for brekkie this morning.

Nice to see you stranger Dan too.

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It’s a lunch food for me, love it anytime though. For breakfast I’ve been known to make a French Toast grilled cheese with smoked gouda and Canadian bacon slices.

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