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If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) December 3rd, 2011

…then one second of movie at 30fps is worth 30,000 words?


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Does that mean that you can pay someone with an essay or a book to make a film for you?

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The problem with a movie is it doesn’t capture a single moment. A movie is too fluid. Too much is happening for us to focus on one thought, one idea, one concept that brings a thousand words rushing into our brains. With a movie you may reach 100 words before the next image is too soon presented to you, crushing the previous 100 and reaching for another.

A picture is like sitting on a beach, relaxing and enjoying a sunset. A movie is like seeing that same sunset whilst flying past in an F-16.

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IMO, no. A good picture’s worth a thousand words because it’s frozen in time and, if done well, the audience will peruse all the details, shading, nuances, emotions, contrasts and blends, etc. There’s more time invested, so more details will be noticed (and could become 1000 words)

Film is a completely different medium- it doesn’t give the audience time to stop and study the minute details and whatever interplay’s occurring in the picture. The story is primary and the things in the film are put there to convey the story. Photos and pictures are the other way around—the things, just by being what they are, convey a story. Of course, there’s some overlap.

Interestingly enough- back in the 1930’s and 40’s, film clips were much longer and gave the audience time to study the screen. Not so today. Our rhythm’s changing.

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The beautiful side of an image is this, it captures and freezes a moment. Often a moment between moments. Sometimes it captures someone mid sentence, mid pour, mid fall. I paints the opportunity for many outcomes. It often also stamps the decade and place with an honest approach. Movies do not do this. They can be shot in Nevada portraying the Sahara during the summer when really it is winter. It does not often leave much to the imagination. It capsulates character building and gives direction to the viewer without doubt.
So no, a movie is not worth 30,000 words without sounding winded or recapping what you already saw.

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…porn leaves me speechless.

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