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Ever get the feeling that you could potentially change the world?

Asked by lukiarobecheck (1526points) December 3rd, 2011

I get these bursts of activity in my mind. Nothing very specific, which is why I probably never act on any of them. However, I get this feeling sometimes that I could create something… anything and it would set off this snowball effect that would lead to something great. A website, and invention, writing a novel, starting a company, making a movie. But these thoughts are so quick and fleeting, I never have the time or desire to really develop them. I assume this is not a unique experience and that others have these thoughts as well. Has anyone on here ever played out the scenarios and come up with something interesting, or intriguing? Maybe a little inspiration is all anyone needs.

Please share your thoughts.

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Sure. If I just had this Hydrogen Bomb….

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My delusions of grandeur ended long ago when I realized that it was hard enough just to change myself for the better… much less the entire world.

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Often times in history it has been someone who snagged onto one of these fleeting moments and rode it obsessively until they achieved success.

For me those moments come less and less as the years go by.

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I hope I can, I have done a degree in marine biology and now doing a masters in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. If only helping people understand their actions enough to change some of their ways to increase sustainability of a part of that industry (if only one person), that will be changing the world enough for me.

I wanna save the fishes,

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A good thing to remember:
Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.
-Thomas Edison

To read more about his thoughts see here:

As for myself, I guess I don’t aspire that high. I would love to create something that would change the world for the better, even if only by creating beauty. But I do not seek fame in and of itself except, perhaps, in my fantasies!

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I used to until I realized how big the world is and how small I am, now I’ll be content if I can just leave my little corner of the world in a better state than how I found it.

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I think anyone has the potential to do something world changing. Most of don’t though. Doing a small good or bad deed might set in motion a chain of events that will lead to something good or .. not so good.

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I just want to leave this world having made things better for as many as I can.
Personally I do not think this is vain or grand thinking. It seems to me that the real meaning of life is the little things we can do for others. Giving voice where there is none, hope in time of sadness, acts of random kindness. I do not need my name attached to history, or my works carved in stone. I just want to know my existence here made a difference to living beings.

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I expect you mean in some great big way. Make no mistake the life and death of each of us has an effect on all of us. Human society is one big organsim just as fluther is a microcosim of the human organism. Every life continually matters.

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Eh, Christ no. Not in a way that I can imagine, and that might be plausible. Unless I was Xena.

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