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Can you tell me something new you have learned today? (not on fluther)?

Asked by bongo (4302points) December 3rd, 2011

You learn a new thing everyday so, what is the best thing you have learned today not on a fluther question?

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I made lamb kabob – but this time I lowered the heat and let them cook in the oven an extra 10 minutes or so. I put some thick onion rings on them and this not only enhanced their flavour, the rings were delicious as well.

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Opossums make lousy house guests.

I had to evict a opossum from our basement awhile back. This morning, while looking for the source of a burning smell in the basement, I discovered that the opossum had crumpled and shredded the lower 2 feet of the aluminum duct of the dryer vent.

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Apple Support, now in India, is no longer either fun or easy.

However, the guy I spent two hours on the phone with yesterday told me that 1) he lives with his mother, and she won’t allow him to have either a cat or a dog and 2) he once spent 7hrs 30 minutes on a help call with someone. That is the record.

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When putting up xmas decorations, never under any circumstances dare the wife to tickle you ribs.
Because you just might fall off the ladder & make a complete tit of yourself…....owwwwwww!

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@ucme Decorations already? I haven’t even thought about presents yet!

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@bongo Yeah our decs are always up on Dec 1st, just a few final touches earlier today.
Presents I usually leave until the last minute, coz i’m organised like that.

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@ucme we put ours up around the 23rd December give or take a day! I have usually done most of my shopping by then but not always all of it.

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Tiger Woods is playing better golf today than he has in a while.

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I’m really good at making meringue, but the lemon part was too thick and gloppy.

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Polishing glass using fine cerium oxide powder works like a charm.

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A 63–¾” LG refrigerator won’t fit under a 63–½” high kitchen cabinet. D’oh!

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You can use regular expressions in cURL.

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Today I learned that many people in a friendly coffee room discussion at work felt that if all the $$$$$$$$$$$ in North America were confiscated, re-pooled equally among the adult populace, that in10–15 years, all things remaining the same in the economy, that the haves and have nots would re-settle the same percentages as they are not. Agree?

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@smilingheart1 – I think most the people who directly benefited from the redistribution would continue to be better off the rest of their lives (though a few fools would gamble or smoke their windfall away). The former wealthy, though, would re-grow their wealth fairly quickly through business connections and skill at business. But I also think the disparity would recur in a generation or two, probably along the same family lines.

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I learned about the Megasquirt Fuel Injection Computer “a series of experimental Do-It-Yourself universal programmable electronic fuel injection controllers for spark ignition, liquid fuelled internal combustion engines…” developed by Bruce Bowling and Al Grippo. Personally, I have absolutely no need for this particular knowledge and don’t even fully understand it but I did learn about it today for what it’s worth.

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I like the flavor of cottage cheese with Nabisco Triscuits flavored with rosemary and olive oil. (the Triscuits come that way. You don’t have to do anything to them.)

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@Sunny2 I love rosemary and olive oil Triscuits. I just finished up a box the other night an am missing them! They make anything taste good. Maybe I will try them with cottage cheese.

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If I am willing to drive an hour each way, I can have a 15-minute appointment with a Mac genius. Hardly seems worth the trip.

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Today I learned to be careful what I wish for because getting it may cause many problems that have never occurred to me.

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I learned that the day after you step on a shard of glass, the adreneline wears away and it hurts.

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Belgium beers are not confined to so-called purity laws and thus they can, essentially, mask the scent/flavor of alcohol in their beers. This allows for beers with higher alcohol content to be more pleasant tasting while rendering the poor soul (me) nearly fucked up at lunch. I need to stick to German beers. And PBR. as a side note, I met the president/ceo of PBR several weeks ago and mentioned that he might want to create a beer called JP’s Dick Punch. He amiable to that.

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I learned that Ken Kutaragi, the father of PlayStation, woulda been nothing and the PlayStation would have never seen the light of day if it wasn’t for some mysterious dude who had faith and funded things.

Also learned that the song Creeping Death by Metallica isn’t actually glamorizing Herod and the would be murder of baby Jesus. True story though. I always thought that’s what it meant, but it centers on another part of The Bible, one that comes before the birth of Jesus. Well, the moar u no.

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That Nigella Lawson has some really good dessert recipes.

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So far the only thing I have learnt today (it’s only 11.15am) is that the singer, Katherine Jenkins, once took drugs. I was channel hopping. Hopefully, as the day goes on, I will learn something remotely interesting and/or useful!

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I learned that Play-Dough is fun to play with but hell to clean up. babysitting…
At least there was no eating of it this time.

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@lillycoyote I just opened my first box. I had purchased a large container of cottage cheese because it was on sale. The expiration date was pretty soon. So I grabbed a box of the Triscuits. Good decision!

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@Leanne1986 Try picking it up with more Play-Dough. (It works with real clay.)

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Play dough and comics – fun!

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@zensky you might be thinking Silly Putty and the comics.

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I was. I’m old.

However, notwithstanding, nonetheless – play dough is fun, and comics are fun. Yay!

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