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Bluescreen or Greenscreen?

Asked by wilco (63points) May 16th, 2008

i’d like to know what first comes to mind when you hear the words “greenscreen” or “bluescreen”

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I think of videotaping backgrounds.

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film / importing fake backgrounds

May i ask why?

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Chroma keying: a type of visual effects process used in video and film in which digital or analog video is “matted” (keying) over any part of an image that is the exact blue or green-they are very specific color hues and saturations not commonly found in natural objects or human skin tones.

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i’m curious to know which of the two words is more common and understood.

because i’ve seen bluscreens but mostly greenscreens used for video effects, but i’m not sure which one most people would understand and associate the video effect with..

and i’m also wondering if it’s “blue screen” or “bluescreen”..and “green screen” or “greenscreen”?

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bluescreen, sound linke windows crashed again…..

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Like @iwamoto, blue screen makes me think that Windows went wonky again.

Green screen, at first, made me think that Microsoft had added some new enviro-friendly way of displaying critical system errors.

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haha, yeah, like rob, i was thinking “hmm, green? must be vista’s style”

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Yeah, when I hear blue screen I think BSOD.

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