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What is the best quote for the back of an ipod?

Asked by playthebanjo (2949points) May 16th, 2008

I have a couple on some different ones, but am wondering what you all might have on yours. here’s mine:

1. this music was all stolen
2. this machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender
3. old time, new time, all the time

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I like # 2. , but I’d change “hate” to “evil” – just sounds better, I think.

An alternative would be: “No engraving, please.”

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Property of (your name here)

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All your music are belong to us

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Apple just stole my money

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@ninjamarc LOL

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100% all natural good listening!

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my daughter’s says…Sing…..Dance…..Smile!

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What???? I can’t hear you.

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Pump up the volume

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“Listen to me!”

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Guaranteed to break one week after warranty expires.

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when I’m feeling #0000ff
I just listen to you

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Stop looking at my bottom

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@richard, lol. Change “bottom” to “bum”. Short + cute. :)

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have you lost something? just listen n kick back

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“Hear no evil.”

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From AC/DC to The Zombies…all the hits!

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Mine says “This is not an iPod.” It’s a reference to The Treachery of Images.

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@niki, wha…?

But it is an iPod… not merely the image of one as explained in the wiki.

Since the older iPods had shiny metal backs, like a mirror, maybe the inscription could be, “This is not you”? or ”Ce n’est pas vous”? ;-D

[ GA for posting an interesting link! ]

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It’s an inscription on the back of an iPod. :)

More importantly it’s sort of a running birthday joke between me and the person who gave it to me (as a birthday gift). On his birthday, I bought him a really expensive cake and tried to hide it in the back of the fridge because I wanted it to be a surprise. Just to be safe, I wrote “ceci n’est pas une birthday cake!” on the box. He actually thought it was not a birthday cake and was really upset that no one had gotten him birthday cake.

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@rich great one
@Gail another great one

How about “Why’d they put all the controls on the back instead of on this side?”

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Of your choices, I’d pick number 2. Mine says, “Music will always rescue me!”

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Whatever you do, don’t put your name on it. Makes it harder to sell to other people once you’re done with it ;-)

I also like “Ceci n’est pas un iPod” :)

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Everything goes better with music!

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The best that I’ve seen (which I believe was unintentional humor) was “player” in rhinestones.

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Property of U.S. Military
Miniature Explosive Prototype

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” don’t drop me I’m expensive ”

” use of this device will cause hearing loss ”

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you really push my buttons

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“surgeon general’s warning:this is highly addictive”

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we all Pod

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“iPod does not enable wearer to sing”

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@ wildflower – EXCELLENT!!!

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“Steve Jobs for President”
“Steve Jobs supporter”

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listen for sounds of time

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Hasta la vista Baby

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the symbol formerly known as prince

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