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If for whatever reason, Fluther closes shop, who could be the last jelly standing?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25884points) December 4th, 2011

I’ll be the last jelly crying. : (

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it should be pretty much illegal to say such things…Fluther can’t close…it just can’t

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@nebule A police officer just showed up to arrest me, saying he’s a jelly. : )

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:-) I’d like to be the last one standing but then I’m not very consistent lately so I’d probably turn up and everyone would be gone like walking into a derelict house, I would be…devastated. Hence why I’m here now…making more of an effort!!

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It would be Augie who would turn the lights out and shut the door.

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@marinelife That reminded me of the last episode of Cheers. Sad.

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@chyna But not gonna happen!

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I’m guessing Auggie would hear the silence and know that something’s wrong.

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It wouldn’t be me. I am the weakest link.

I would bet on Augustlan. I visualized her laughing maniacally not having to deal with my frequent spelling and punctuation errors.

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It will be zen_42.

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I’ve been called the last one standing before; I can do it again.

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I agree it would be Augie.

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Augie for sure, but I’d go down swinging.

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Lisa. I would hold the door for her. Ryan would dick punch me on the way out.

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Ironically enough, Bendrew?

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Who pays the bills? Probably them.

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I have to say, I think it would be my mom, Augustlan.

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@chyna or the last episode of Seinfeld, but it would be Auggie, Ben, Andrew and Mr. Henry behind bars. ;)

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It will be Zen in one of his many guises.

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@Bellatrix @zen is @augustlan?!

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No. Zen does Augustlan.

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You wish lol.

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Aren’t we playing the irregular auxiliary verb game?

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I don’t even want to think about what’d happen but, perhaps Death Cab for Cutie summed it up best…I will follow you into the dark.

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Not me, because I’m always seated when I Fluther. ;-)

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Augustlan would protect the last legit Jellies and would fight a last stand against the Spammers…and Trolls…

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@talljasperman I don’t think Auggie would have the beard though…..

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I’ll leave when they pry Fluther from my cold, dead fingers. <POOF fade to black>

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