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Say you drank 8fl oz of water, how much of it will your body retain immediately and how much of it will be released through urination?

Asked by whitetigress (3129points) December 4th, 2011

Maybe there’s a meter in your body that signals to retain a certain amount of water at all times?

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Much of our bodies are composed of water.

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It depends on a lot of factors going on inside your body. You body has signals that tell it to either retain the fluid or excrete the fluid based on many things, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and kidney function (for example). There is no set measurement that you body goes by at all times.

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Any water that gets eliminated by urination will first have been absorbed into the bloodstream. Nothing passes straight from the digestive tract into the bladder. Some water may, however, get through the intestines unabsorbed and be routed out the poop chute.

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It changes depending on how well hydrated you are, among other factors.

You won’t urinate as much when you’re dehydrated because your body holds onto as much water as it can. That’s why low urine output is one of the signs of dehydration.

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If you have eaten salty foods your body will retain more water to maintain its salt balance. That is why a diet high in salt leads to high blood pressure.

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Depends on how dehydrated you are.

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It varies. If I drink water, assuming I am not dehydrated, I feel like I pee it out shorty after, but I never measured exactly how much in and how much out. If I eat when I drink the water it doesn’t send me to the bathroom necessarily right away. Maybe because I have taken in some salts, and the water is needed to balance electrolytes? Not sure. If it is hot where I am so of the water will be perspired to keep the body at temperature. All sorts of things affect how water is used in the body.

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It completely depends on how dehydrated you are. Back in wilder days, I’ve woken up with ferocious hang overs and drunk tonnes of water first thing in the morning and wouldn’t pee until much later in the day, and that wouldn’t be much. Other times, I can drink a glass or two of water more than usual and feel that I am urinating more than usual. Remember you also loose water by sweating and I don’t mean the real noticeable places, like the pits. Water evaporates off us all the time, even through our mouth as we breathe. It really depends on the rate you are losing water and replacing it. Of course your body has a natural equilibrium it likes to be at and keeping it at equilibrium is always good. :o)

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