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What's your reaction to all these personal appeals from Wikipedia programmers?

Asked by MRSHINYSHOES (13966points) December 4th, 2011

When I look up something on Wikipedia on Google, I always see these “personal appeals” from different Wikipedia programmers at the top of my page, with their picture and plea for help. What’s your take on them? Are you annoyed by them, or do you support them?

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Basically, I ignore them.

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I read them. And I donate.

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I’ve made a couple of donations to Wikipedia. It’s a great resource and I use it frequently. It costs money to run it so I donate and then ignore the appeals.

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One of em was a freaky looking bugger.
I don’t think much of it, and I don’t like relying on Wiki too much. Truth is, it is a place I go to often, and if I don’t find the info I seek, they usually have good resources and links to get to. Maybe I should donate something. It’s not on the verge of toppling, is it?

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@Symbeline That’s what I use it for too. It’s place to start and if the entry is reasonably well written and well footnoted, there are usually good links and resources to follow up on. It’s not a resource I take at face value necessarily and most certainly not the final word on anything. It is only an encyclopedia.

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@lillycoyote And a not always vetted one at that which is the bigger problem although it has gotten better at having facts substantiated.

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@lillycoyote Yes, but you always have to look at the reliability of any source though. I still find it a good place to start sometimes. I think wikipedia has a lot value for what it is. And, again, I don’t generally simply accept what wikipedia has to say as fact.

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I don’t like it. I already donate on a regular basis, and it annoys me.

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Well, I think beggars. Ha, nah I just ignore them.

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Ignore. I don’t use Wikipedia enough to worry about what will happen to it if people don’t donate. I would much rathergive to my favourite charity rather than a website that I can live without quite easily.

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I’m a teen, so I don’t exactly have a way to donate. But I do like it and use it often and if I could, I would donate.
@Symbeline They aren’t about to topple. If they were, I’m sure Google would buy them. ;)

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I acknowledge them, but I have never responded to them with donations.

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