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Why doesn't henna work for my hair?

Asked by skateangel (321points) December 4th, 2011

Okay so, the first time I colored my hair black with natural henna it came out amazing, soft, volumized, black and silky. but now it’s washed out. So I tried to do it several times again using different organic Henna products but it hasn’t worked. I followed the instructions and everything so I don’t get why??? I don’t wanna have to use chemical hair dyes:/

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Use the product you used the first time.

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Does the dye you used require a developer? Some dyes do.

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As far as I know, you can’t use hair dye after henna. That’s why I avoided it after a disaster when I was 12. Lesson learned, I don’t color my hair anymore (unless I’m getting paid for hair modeling thing and even then it’s very begrudgingly)

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May I ask if you are using henna to cover grays or to change the overall color? Gray/white hair is often the most resistent. Using chemical dyes after henna can cause your hair to break and fall off. I would talk to your stylist, or see if you can find a salon in your area that uses the Pravana system. They make excellent color and have a few very pretty, rich shades in plant based dye.

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@LeavesNoTrace Wow you mean you cant even use henna again? Hm:/

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@skateangel I’m not sure honestly. It might have to be the exact same kind you used before. It’s VERY tricky stuff and I try to avoid it anymore after a couple of disasters resulting in emergency trips to the salon in my early teen years.

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@skateangel I’m pretty sure you can use henna again but make sure it’s the same kind

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