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Does contact solution have a shelf life?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) December 4th, 2011

How long will an unopened bottle of contact solution last?

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I think it does. Things with an expiration, usually have an expiration date on it.

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According to the FDA, your contact solution should have an expiration date on it & you shouldn’t use the solution past that date.

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Yea the bottle I have doesnt have a date at all on it. Does an unopened bottle last months or years?

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Other than this site here, that claims the solution has ‘preservatives to maintain shelf life’, I can’t find anywhere that says just how long that shelf life is. When it doubt… toss it out. Get a new bottle if you can.

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Yes, and it is usually on the bottle.
Picked up an old one that had been in a drawer for some time, it had been opened and I didn’t think. Made my eyes burn. Threw it out immediately and opened a new one to help wash my eyes out.

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I just put Hydrogen Peroxide in the Cure Care container for a 10th of the cost. All it needs is the platinum from the container, and I could care less how old the hydrogen peroxide is-
Strongest and most potent disinfectant around.

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