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Have you ever had an emergency pizza account in college?

Asked by talljasperman (21910points) December 5th, 2011

Some people have weird financial priorities…. what things are in some peoples emergency funds that normally shouldn’t be included?

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No, but I had an emergency Mountain Dew account in college.

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No, but I’m gonna!

Coloma's avatar, but I’m the mom and my daughter has my credit card number to order emergency pizza as needed. lol

I have an emergency feed store account, call ‘em up and they leave me my bales of pine shavings and 100 pounds of Goose chow on the porch when I am running late and I pay later. :-D

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No and up until now, I’d never heard of that. When I went to college, I paid for my apt. and all expenses on my own.

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I have an emergency chips account. It is not separate from my primary account though…

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I have an emergency leather fund (for making my own BDSM gear :-p

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