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If iron man existed how much could it cost?

Asked by Nick (2points) May 16th, 2008 from iPhone

how much does it cost?

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Both arms and legs.

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What’s iron man?

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We have no measure by which to judge the cost of building an Iron Man ( suit, as the materials used do not exist in reality.

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No, but you could build ghetto iron man. He could ba all steampunked out

Someone on could probably manufacture a suit for about 1K. But it’d be more if it needed to fly and shoot missiles. lol

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more than a senate oversight committee would spring for

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@all: so should I add it to my list of “Must Miss” movies? Or the summertime “Brains-under-the-Seat ” list, which we do watch?

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It does exist and it cost me $10.50, not including popcorn and a diet coke.

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I thought the plot for the movie was very interesting and well thought out, especially if you consider that it is based on a comic book series.

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So, “Brains-under -the-seat? Easier here since ticket is only $4:00 and popcorn inedible.

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If “brains-under-the-seat” means its worth seeing, then yes. Even my mother liked it, and she usually hates action movies. I think it appeals to a large audience because it is,of course, an action movie, and it has romantic elements too.

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Good thing he was not copper man or some thief would steal the suit and sell it for scrap!

@Nick So did you like the movie? I have been wanting to see it since I saw an interview with Robert Downey Jr. about it.

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“Brains etc” means that we would see it in the summertime if it were playing nearby and took no effort on our part – like plowing the driveway and putting on the face mask.

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I would definitely place it in that category. It’s good, but not something to go way out of your way to see.

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This should help if you’re still wondering. Also, in Iron Man 2 a similar suit (the Hammer version) is said to be $125.7 million if I remember correctly.

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