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Top 45 most powerful photos of 2011... Which one stirs you the most?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30938points) December 5th, 2011

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Suggestion for photos… each one has a number. But you can also right click and open the photo in a new window, then link that single photo here on fluther.

Make the entire caption the link…

Like this:
#28 speaks to me. I can’t imagine my Grandmother enduring this.
84-year-old Dorli Rainey was pepper sprayed during a peaceful march in Seattle, Washington. She would have been thrown to the ground and trampled, but luckily a fellow protester and Iraq vet was there to save her.

I don’t know about you. But I’m sick and tired of seeing police brutalize peaceful citizens. And the worst part is that conservative radio lies and claims the Occupy movements are violent and drug infested… when they are not.

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Number 8.

I am still in awe with that photo. We are fragile, this is one of the many photos from this year that prove just that.

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Reload, it’s there now at the top… sorry.

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The little Kenyan child really stirred me up. I’m so sad about that.

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@KateTheGreat @Neizvestnaya I can’t hardly look at that photo it’s so disturbing.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies: I look at that picture and those of similar looking babies and children and get angry and sad at the same time. I can’t imagine making the choice to chance subjecting my own child to a life like that.

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They all move me in some way. Ty for sharing the link

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No doubt @judochop… it could all be gone in a second.

I understand @Neizvestnaya… but you’ll note the child made a full recovery. I can’t imagine denying my child that possibility either.

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I cant pick @RealEyesRealizeRealLies. So many of those photos touched my heart in some way or another. There are positives and negatives in those photos (sadly, many negatives). The photos demonstrate the power images have though. It has been a big year hasn’t it?

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Phyllis Siegel, 76, left, and Connie Kopelov, 84, both of New York, embrace after becoming the first same-sex couple to get married at the Manhattan City Clerk’s office. #6
One of the only pictures that made me smile. Good for them.

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I stopped looking at #20. I remember seeing this image not long after it happened and it made me cry. Many of these do, but to see that dog lying there beside the casket is so touching….. :’ (

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#18 for the world
#33 for humanity

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Number 16, the cop spraying a line of students at a sit-in protest at UC Davis. Sums up all that is fucked with our country pretty well.

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The emaciated baby.

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The website is blocked, I’ll have to see later :/

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