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What is the scariest Twilight Zone episode ever ?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) December 5th, 2011

Which Twilight Zone episode is the freakiest or scariest one?

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The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

Humanity is the scariest monster of all.

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I’m with @blueiiznh, Talky Tina was one damn scary little doll!

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The one where the aliens come, end war and suffering, and offer to take us to their planet (to eat us, unbeknownst to us).

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The one where the one floor in a department store is where all the sales people are manikins at night. That was on the week before I went shopping at a department store when I was four. They were open late but I saw all the back office people leaving at 5 o’clock while my mom and I shopped. I thought I’d be stuck and everyone would turn into a manikin.


For me, the scariest episode was “Night Call”.

@blueiiznh Hey, I wasn’t scared of that little brat! Ha! (he does look a bit like my ex-g.f.‘s little son, though!). ;)

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@SmashTheState, that’s the one!

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There was an episode that somehow a bug got into a guys ear and was slowly eating his brain out. Don’t remember all the details, but that one has always stuck with me.

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Not really scary, but the one where all the guy wants to do is read but everybody interferes with him. Then there is a nuclear war and he’s the only survivor so he has all the time he wants to read, but then he smashes breaks his only pair of reading glasses.

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I don’t remember the name, but, it’s the one where the Father had died and the son was required to eat food that was displayed around the body because the Father’s sin had transferred to the food when he died, the son would then absorb all the Father’s sin so he could go to Heaven…..The Father was a ‘sin-eater’ for the village, he was paid to eat at everyone’s funeral, so he was overloaded with sin.
I always wondered why they served food at wakes….creepy wouldn’t you say?

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The one with the bug in the ear….was an earwig. The man paid a servant to put it into the Master’s ear because the ‘evil-guy’ wanted the man’s beautiful wife, so the servant snuck into the wrong room (wink-wink) that night and put it in ‘his’ ear….he went through days of misery while the earwig (unable to turn around and leave) had to work it’s way throught the brain and out the other ear… the end the man survived (to everyone’s amazement) but the last thing you hear is the Dr. telling the happily married couple that the bug had laid eggs on it’s journey through the brain.

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Another one that stuck was this very beautiful girl was ousted by everyone on the planet because she looked different, everyone else had something like a pig face, so the people set up an exchange with another planet for one of their citizens, when the doors opened on the space ship, the exchange person had a pigface and the aliens looked exactly like the one being given to them.
Ever wondered if you were born on the wrong planet?

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@chyna I forgot all about that one, about the earwig! It’s this episode, The Caterpillar. That one was really scary.

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I tried to find the one with eating food off the dead body, @Bugalu. I thought I was imagining that episode or perhaps it wasn’t on the Twilight Zone. I’m glad you remembered. Yes, that was creepy.

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@Bugalu I have seen the last one you mentioned and the one @rts486 episode as required viewing for English. They were amazing. Also, I did a one-act version of the Monsters are Due on Maple Street. I remember vague details of others, like one where there was this hitch hiker stalking this lady. Never have looked at a hitch hiker the same again.

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I think this was a Twilight Zone episode… the one where a guy is in a car/train wreck and can hear and see everyone around him but they all believe he is dead. He talks throughout the show but it’s in his own mind. At the very end when he is about to either be embalmed or have an autopsy done on him, a single tear falls down his check. Then they finally realize he is still alive.
I may be getting this confused with the movie “The Serpent’s Rainbow” which scares the jeebers out of me because one of my biggest fears is being buried alive : (

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