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A product you buy whose packaging has been recently revamped in a not-so-environmentally-friendly way?

Asked by mcbealer (10224points) May 16th, 2008

Does this bother any other Flutherites? I just saw an online ad for Ragu spaghetti sauce on the Yahoo homepage. It will now come in pouches instead of a glass jar. I actually like Classico or Newman’s on my pasta, but I imagine this will be an industry-wide shift in packaging. Your thoughts? Can you share examples of similar changes?

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What!? It comes in a pouch now? I liked the jars. So now is this the end to the cap popping when you open it?
P.S. – I’ve always liked Bertolli, but Newman’s is good too.

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Packaging is one of my pet peeves. It is designed to deter theft or otherwise aid the manufacturer—certainly not for the convenience of the consumer!!!!!!

I am sure shilolo could give us statistics, but it is my understanding that packaging accidents (from people trying to open things) account for a lot of ER visits.

To paraphrase from Treasure of the Sierra Madre: “Pouches? We don’t need no stinking pouches!”

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I’m frequently annoyed at the fact that my favorite yoghurt only comes in small pots, rather than a larger carton.

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While the pouch might be less recyclable the cost to ship will drop dramatically. Glass is heavy and it burns a ton of fuel to move it around. I personally think it is a good move and is actually going to be a positive for the environment.

But I will miss the glass jars.

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johnpowell: Hmm… good point about the shipping.

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@ johnpowell ~ yeah, I thought of the fuel costs in delivering glass vs. pouches as well. Especially in light of the rapidly increasing price of fuel, it is obvious this was a quick way for the company to keep down the cost of their product, thereby earning higher profits.

Which is going to have the lowest impact to the environment though? I personally don’t see myself recycling the pouches, how about others?

I think there’s something to be said about asthetic value here too. In pouches, you won’t be able to see the sauce before you buy it. I also wonder about the shelf-life of sauce packaged in a pouch. What are the pouches made of, and will they leach chemicals into the sauce over time?

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I buy juices and water that come in plastic bottles. It would be nice if they used bags instead.

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Also, you can’t reuse the pouches easily, whereas I have several old food jars that I now use for storage. By comparison, pouches are lame-o!

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