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What is so bad about people trying to do the right thing?

Asked by witchhazel (143points) May 16th, 2008

I was with a group of friends and they were discussing global warming. One of them got really upset and started calling people environmental wackos and saying it isn’t real. My response is ” wether you believe global warming is real or not, what’s wrong with helping the planet?”. To me, it was more about his ego than being active and actually doing something good because he likes to hear himself talk. I’ve met quite a few people like that.

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@witchhazel I think I know him. (Grin)

In the case of global warming, it may not be totally his fault. Because the media (after being browbeaten by Republican administrations repeatedly) kept giving equal time to scientists paid by the oil companies, the nature and extent of the problem was not clear to most people. On a quick read, it was hard to understand what was the truth.

It is not really a matter of “belief” any more. The evidence is overwhelming and incontrovertible. Perhaps you could give him or point him toward some high quality information? Here’s a link to a really respected science institution:

As to your question literally, nothing is wrong with trying to do the right thing and everything is right with it.

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First off, I believe that global warming is very real. On to your question: If somebody wants to help the environment be it by recycling, carpooling, or whatever, then that should be up to them and they shouldn’t have to take crap from other people who have different opinions.

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The problem is that ‘doing the right thing’ has become a trendy fad. I know I roll my eyes at people that always jump on bandwagons or change their view with trends.
It’s a shame that this is what’s happening with the environment issue because it is worthy and important. Unfortunately it’s also become trendy and full of buzzwords (another thing that sends shivers down my spine)

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@wildflower – the problem with the environment issue is that, when it wasn’t trendy, nobody gave a damn. I suppose I rather have people jumping along on the bandwagon just because it is trendy as opposed to nobody giving a shit and the world being ruined.

@question – perhaps your friend doesn’t like you giving him a bad conscience? ;-)

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Maybe they can’t deal with the thought.

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I applaud people doing the right thing, what gets me though is hypocrisy. I’ve been brow beaten my one of more more eco-radical friends when they saw a non-CF light bulb at my place when they came to see me in their SUV. When I challenge them on that fact, they start stammering about how they need the room because they have kids and that they are safer on the road blah blah blah. And I ride my bike to work. If you are gonna talk the talk, then walk the walk!

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The better question is “whether you believe in global warming or not, are you will to risk the predicted outcomes of inaction by the vast majority of scientists on the issue?”

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