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Thoughts on this video (about acceptance)

Asked by Jude (32098points) December 6th, 2011
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Aw, that was really sad. :(

Beautiful video, though.

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I liked the version of Creep, but I thought the video (or meaning) was a little melodramatic, in my opinion. Great art, though. Over 1,500 pictures O_O

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@Blackberry I liked that version, too. I checked out the choir’s other stuff and they’re awesome.

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I think I went to school with those blonds.
Sad really… in many places I don’t think things have improved very much for girls or boys.

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The ultimate outside video. 95% of the population will identify with it. It’s the story most of us tell ourselves. Which is odd, since how can 95% (or whatever—probably more than 50%) of us be outsiders.

I say this not because I know of any data about it, but because it seems like just about everybody (with a few exceptions) on fluther seems to say they were an outsider in high school. Actually, I think I did read something about this, but I don’t remember where. Most of us see ourselves as shy and having a hard time with social interactions. So we feel like we don’t fit in.

But we are a majority who don’t fit in. That seems to mean that if only we knew, we would hook up with people like us. It’s just that we never realize we are a majority because we only look at those who look like they are socially successful. We never see all the shy ones like ourselves, because we hide.

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I really really like it.

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