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If you and another person have shared ownership of a car and the other person let's the registration expire are you still legaly bound to the car in anyway?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) December 6th, 2011

I put a car in my name along with my nieces name on the title transfer. The car was for and she recently stated that the car was no longer registered. She still drives it, so if anything were to happen would I have to be contacted or have to pay for any legal expenses since the car is no longer registered?

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Yes. You should really get the car out of your name if you don’t drive it and your nieces aren’t responsible enough to even bother to properly register the car. If they get a ticket for not having it properly registered and they don’t pay it then it would be your responsibility and if they have an accident and someone gets hurt it could be trouble for you. You would share liability. If your nieces are also responsible for the insurance you should made sure that’s taken care of.

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If you are on the title, you could be legally liable for any damages that are caused by the vehicle. It depends a lot on the state and how good the lawyer is for the person that gets hit.

Get your name off the title.

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Remove your name from the car’s title.

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I agree. The car is no longer registered, but you still have ownership.

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You could actually have some liability for any damages caused by the car. If I were you I would get my name off of the title AND the insurance policy.

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Yes you are, if she wrecks with expired registration, you also have no insurance, you’ll lose your license along with having to pay for everything, Time to get your name off the car, the sooner the better.

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