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Do we really need Prime Time (Deion Sanders) in prime time.

Asked by sawyer (84points) May 16th, 2008

I’m not denying the man had skills, but he’s a moron on the NFL network and now they’ve given him a show so every one can watch what a jerk he is at home. Who cares?

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Outrageous sells.

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I agree with Marina. Just look at some of the shows on MTV.

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Yeah, for some reason people love seeing idiots on tv.

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I HATE how easy it is for retired sports stars to get a job in sports broadcasting. My boyfriend is working his ass off getting into it and going to school.. And a newly retired Warren Sapp could easily get the job to him. Like what everyone else has said: its the household name that gets viewers to watch and fans.

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Yeah, it’s lame. I’m opposed to it… but guess what? It sells.

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