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What would you change to make yourself a more suitable fictional character?

Asked by 6rant6 (13659points) December 6th, 2011

I was idly contemplating writing a performance piece for me and someone else. I thought I would replicate our actual relationship, except make it more… well… better.

I asked myself why I would need a change from what’s really there. The obvious answer was, “more conflict needed!”

So what, I pondered, would make this plausible. I concluded that I would write myself as someone who was much more certain about things-that-really-matter.

Anyway, it got me to wondering how other people view themselves, and what changes they feel they’d need to make in order to become pulp celebrities.

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I’ve already used myself as both the protagonist and the antagonist in some of my stories, with minimal changes :-p

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I would definitely have to be more exciting. It also helps to have at least one person be a taco short of a combo plate.

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Jeez, everything. I’m really boring.

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I would certainly need to be more adventurous and spontaneous. I am an over-thinking, micromanaging, pensive person. A person who never takes risks and spends weeks deciding whether or not to buy a pair of shoes certainly does not make for an interesting character.
In fact, this answer is pretty boring in itself…I’m hopeless. :P

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I would grow green hair and curly toes. You said fictional.

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Shit, I’m already a character, my real life is wacky enough as it is.

The truth IS stranger than fiction. lol

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@Coloma is a legend in her own mind….

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@Tropical_Willie Haha…well, not a legend, but definitely alternative living with a zany twist. lol

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Read up on my thousands of questions and posts here; I’m already a fictional character. It’s real life I have a problem with.

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I have sort of a nasal midwest accent. It’s the only thing that prevents me from being a perfect fictional action hero.

Hmm. My wife just said being an annoying nerd is also a short-coming.

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Thinner and younger. Other than that, I’m the perfect Elizabeth Bennett. (Oh – and I might need “fine eyes”.)

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@cockswain Clark? Clark Kent?

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I’d send me on wacky adventures. Otherwise, maybe change a few of the personal details so it isn’t obvious it’s me. >.>

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@zensky Shoot, that’s already been done. Damn.

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Peter? Peter Parker?

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I’d need some cooler clothes. Capes and low-cut tight bodices, and I’d need to be able to stay up later at night.

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Capes are over-rated. Think Wonder Woman/Catwoman hot.

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If I lived well outside the law.

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Maybe be the guy who repeats the last word at the end of every sentence sentence. I don’t know know. Something just a bit off balance maybe maybe. Maybe not not…

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