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Do friends have you ask questions for them on Fluther?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25351points) December 6th, 2011

I have a friend that somewhat regularly has me ask questions for him, here. He doesn’t have anything against the site, he is just nervous about not being able to adhere to the writing standards, but he always finds the information he gets from answers to be the best on the web.
Despite repeatedly trying to get him to make an account, he just prefers that I ask questions for him.
I noticed that, in another question, @Auggie said that someone has had her ask questions for them as well. (That sparked this question.)

Any other jellies ghost writing for anonymous askers?

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As I mentioned in the other thread, I have asked questions for my husband here. The best one, and the one that started him on the road to appreciating Fluther, was about foreign language toasts for drinking. It got a ton of answers in just minutes, and he and his son (who were sitting around drinking shots at the time) were most impressed! And drunk. :p

I’m sure I’ve asked Qs for other people, but I can’t think of any at the moment.

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That sounds like a fun question.

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No never, well none that are printable anyway.

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I think this is the only question I have ever asked here for someone else. and I offered to ask it for her, she didn’t ask me to ask it.

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Only once. Most people don’t know I visit Fluther.

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My friends that know I’m here (very few) think it’s dumb, and if I ask a Q on their behalf (if they’d said “ask around”) they tend to discount the answers if I say I got them here. That tends to piss me off just the teensiest bit! so I no longer offer, and if I do ask something for them I don’t tell where I got the answer. Silly people.

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Just once. My husband’s former boss asked if we would “ask that Fluther site you and your wife use”.

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I never discuss Fluther with my friends so, no, they don’t.

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Yes, but they’re stupid questions lol.

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@Blackberry Is that a disclaimer for stupid questions ;)

I don’t tell my friends that I Fluther, so they would have no reason to think I have this fabulous resource at my fingertips. The only social network where I interact with people from my real life is Facebook, and I’d like to keep it that way.

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nah, I nurture them to get their own account and join the fun.

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No, there are only 2 types of people that I live around or know (for the most part); rednecks who are only interested in hunting/fishing/guns/trucks/4wheeling or Facebook junkies who have no interest in blogging/debating but who are only interested in other people’s business.

I could never get anybody I know of to join me in debating on websites such as this. I don’t ask questions for others because I’m on here to discuss things I normally can’t with those around me. In fact I wouldn’t ask a question for somebody else even if they asked me too unless it was a topic unrelated to personal matters, and even then I would limit this. I havn’t done so yet though.

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From time to time, my sister and bro-in-law do (but they are related to one of the owners and also are aware of my enthusiasm.)

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I have asked some questions for a few different fluther friends when they did not feel they could afford to be associated with the question. I already ask embarrassing questions, so it seemed like no one would think any worse of me than they already do for asking the question. Ain’t life grand?

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No, but only a few of my friends even know about the site.

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@augustlan If nobody said it in your question, tell him that Skål (skawl) means cheers in Norwegian. Literally though, it means bowl, but that’s what people use over there for cheers, drink up, wtv.
Sorry, just had to share. XD

And nah, nobody ever asked me to ask anything here for them. All my friends are arrogant fucks who think they know everything, and never ask me anything. XD Well no that’s not true haha, but while some know about here because I talk about it sometimes or showed it to people, it’s probbaly not on their minds, otherwise. :/

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@Symbeline If they are so arrogant, why do you like hanging with them?

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I was joking, they aren’t. :D Well, mostly. XD

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If they aren’t arrogant, then what are you doing with them? ;-)

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On Fluther? Not me. I can understand that, though. Not everybody is as brave as us when it comes to asking questions online publicly. :)

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